Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Sugar Coated Hair Removal Wax - Review*

Sugar Coated is a 100% natural vegan sugar wax. Our exclusive formulation is made from pure sugar syrup and water. It does not contain any citric acid, resins, or additives, which means our formula gives a smooth application and gentle results. 

Our Arms and Underarms Hair Removal Kit has the added delectable scent of Lemongrass, which smells as fresh as a daisy. It also has amazing antibacterial properties that will leave your underarms to feel clean smelling great (who doesn’t want that). Reach for the stars without a worry in the world! Our Sugar Coated Legs Hair Removal Kit contains one of our favourite essential oils, Rosehip! Rosehip has so many amazing benefits so is ideal for your legs. Its incredible properties help keep your skin nourished, moisturised and it is known for reducing stretch marks (what a dream). Achieve smooth, glowing legs now and all year round. We all know waxing your bikini line isn’t the most pleasurable of experiences, however, our Bikini Line Hair Removal Kit is designed to make your waxing experience as pain-free as possible. We have achieved this by adding Calendula! This beauty of essential oil will help soothe and calm your skin, which is always a blessing for the bikini line! So, get that favourite bikini-ready ladies you’re going to look great!

I've used Sugar Coated Hair Removal Waxes for quite a few years now. I was really excited when I saw that they had bought out some new products, which are now available on Love Lula. All three waxes are really easy to apply and they all smell amazing! Each box also comes with a few reusable wax strips and spatulas which is great.

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

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  1. I have used hair removal equipment in a beauty salon before, but the hair still grows out often, This product looks great, and it feels simple to use!

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