Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Those Bambi Salon Two Week Vegan Express Lashes - Review

The Bambi salon is where you can enjoy a quiet, home-based, cruelty-free and vegan salon experience either in Gravesend or in Hartley, Kent. Better for you, better for the environment and better for the animals. The team is made up of two vegan sisters, Gina and Danielle who are on a mission to help make us feel amazing using only ethical and moral brands. Bambi even has a gang that you can sign up to as well. You'll get loads of vegan beauty information including an exclusive #GangPerks offer sent to your inbox every month. They also have a private group on Facebook where you can ask absolutely anything and chat with other members.

Danielle is our lash extension fairy. She loves creating perfect lashes for you to wake up to every, single morning so it's time to get yourself cosy on our super soft blankets and let her work her magic. ​ Danielle understands that 'perfect' is different for every single person so we have a little something to suit everyone. Award-winning, premium quality, lash extensions in 5 different curl types as well as different thickness' and colours. ​ If natural is more your kind of perfect, we also offer lash lifts. One of our most popular and low maintenance treatments to date.

I've had a fair few treatments done at the lovely home salon in Hartly from false lashes to gel toenails. And I've actually managed to try out most of the false lashes that Danielle has available. Danielle kindly took some photos of my lovely looking lashes so I could write another review about these specific lashes the great Bambi Salon.

Two Week Express Lashes £35

If you want the look of a full set of extensions but don't want the maintenance, then Express lashes are for you. The look is created using the same high-quality individual lashes but the process of application is different and quicker. This means they last for two weeks before needing to be removed completely so are perfect for holidays or events. A patch test is needed if you have never had the treatment with us before- your eyes are precious.

I've never been very good at applying false lashes, so when I came across the Vegan Bambi Salon over a year ago now, I loved the idea of someone applying them for me instead. The whole lash experience is a great pick me up and I like to get mine done for any special occasions that I have. This time I needed my false lashes for a long weekend away for a Wedding, so I went for the Two Week Express Lashes. For the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours, you're advised to not get your lashes wet due to the glue still bonding your lashes together. So please keep this in mind when getting your lashes done before any special occasions. For me, my lashes last around four to five days if I go out partying in them, but with extra care, they should last around under twos weeks. Danielle is great at applying all different types of lashes and I'm always happy with the outcome that she's achieved for me!

Treatment paid for by myself, all views are my own.

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