Thursday, 20 September 2018

New Yaoh 2018 Range - Review*


Yaoh is based in Bristol, UK, and is one of the UK's original hemp companies, with a range of hemp body care and food products that are 100% vegan and free from animal testing. Yaoh has in store a brand-new range of body care products to supplement their existing range of much-loved body care collection, including a new range of body butter's as well as a number of new flavours for their lip balms, shampoo, shower gel and moisturisers. They've also enhanced their packaging with the consumer in mind.

Yaoh Hemp Seed Oil Original Body Butter combines the moisturising and rejuvenating qualities of organic hemp seed oil with extracts of rosemary, lavender and peppermint to create an invigorating and refreshing body butter that is vegan, free from sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, harmful substances and unnecessary chemical additives.

Yaoh Hemp Seed Oil Tropical Fruits Moisturiser combines the moisturising and rejuvenating qualities of organic hemp seed oil with fruit essences to create an exotic moisturiser that is vegan, free from sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, harmful substances and unnecessary chemical additives

Yaoh Sunblock 25 is a cutting-edge product containing non-nano Zinc Oxide as its active ingredient, giving a complete UVA and UVB protection, ideal for all skin types and excellent for children and those with sensitive skin

Yaoh Hemp Seed Oil Coconut & Lime Shampoo combines the moisturising and rejuvenating qualities of organic hemp seed oil with extracts of rosemary, lavender and chamomile along with coconut and lime fragrance to create an invigorating and refreshing shampoo that is vegan, free from sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, harmful substances and unnecessary chemical additives.

Yaoh Hemp Seed Spearmint Lip Balm is a luxurious vegan balm made with candelilla wax, rich in organic hemp seed oil, & great for protecting and repairing damaged lips. Available in 9 great dynamic flavours. Free from parabens, harmful substances and unnecessary chemical additives.

I first came across vegan brand Yaoh when I went vegan a few years ago. So I was super excited when Pete contacted me about reviewing a few of their new products that had come out earlier this year. I've only ever tried Yaoh's Mango Lip Balm before so I was really looking forward to trying out a few more of their products. I opted to try out three of the Body Butters in Orginal, Coconut & Lime and Tropical Fruits. I also went for the Tropical Fruits Moisturiser, the SPF 25 Sunblock, the shampoo in Coconut & Lime and both their Spearmint and Strawberries & Cream Lip Balm. The Body Butters are thick and creamy so are great for when you're needing a good moisturise. Whereas the Tropical Fruits Moisturiser is a light all over moisturiser which is great for the hotter months. A must have when going away in the sun is the SPF 25 Sunblock, as it's a great product to use when you're trying to get a tan. I find the Coconut & Lime Shampoo larvers up well and has a very fruity and fresh smelling scent which is great for any gender. And lastly, both lip balms smell lovely and are super moisturising to the lips making them perfect for the colder months. Overall I'm really glad that I got a chance to try out more from Yaoh's range and I'm happy that I have discovered a few new favourite products!

These products were sent to me to review, all views are my own.

*This article originally appeared on Aedition.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Emani Prismatic Duo-Tone Bewitched Lip Colour - Review*

Emani Vegan Cosmetics is uniquely formulated with the most discriminating skin types in mind. Exclusively designed and specifically formulated to benefit sensitive, acne-prone, and ageing skin, each of our products enhance the appearance and well-being of problematic skin. Emani uses only all-natural ingredients to create natural beauty. Emani Vegan Cosmetics combine natural minerals with certified-organic botanicals, oils, and waxes to create quality makeup that enhances your dermatologic health.

One lipstick that can be worn four ways. Each colour can be worn alone, or both shades together. Emani Prismatic lipsticks are infused with two intense symmetrical colours. Create, sculpt and highlight your lips. Artisan-made in California with the "good" stuff: natural oils, waxes and pure, long-lasting pigments for the most glamorous comfort wear. Toxin-free, cruelty-free and gluten-free.

I've never been one for lipsticks and have always stuck to a clear lip balm due to not finding the correct shade for me. I ended up coming across Emani, which is a brand that I hadn't heard of before now. have a good variety of Emani lipsticks and I ended up going for their Prismatic Duo-Tone Lip Colour in shade Bewitched. I've been searching for this sort of shade for a few months now and I'm glad to say this is the perfect shade for me. The lipstick is easy to apply and I love that you can wear the colours separately or blend them together for a softer shade. I was a little worried that the lipstick would stain my lips like some darker shades do, but I find it easy to remove with a little make-up remover. It stays on well throughout the day and needs minimal replication.

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Faith in Nature Botanical Shower Gel & Foam Bath Minis Gift Set - Review*

'Have Faith in Nature.'

Faith in Nature was founded by Rivka Rose over thirty years ago, with a clear mission to produce skin and hair care products from naturally derived sources, that had no synthetic additives and which damaged neither the user nor the environment. The company is as true today as it was then.

An ideal gift and the perfect opportunity to try some of these popular botanical varieties. Whether you're looking for a long relaxing bath or a quick, invigorating shower, this attractive collection of shower gel & foam bath minis have you covered.

Aloe Vera & Ylang - This wonderfully fragrant shower gel and foam bath contains active organic Aloe Vera and uplifting Ylang Ylang, the two working wonderfully together to energise and invigorate. Lavender & Geranium - Lavender and Geranium always bring a sense of calm to every day, and this magnificently fragrant shower gel & foam bath will do just that. Breathe deep, and relax.
Mint - Made with Organic Peppermint and Spearmint is known for their uplifting properties, this cooling shower gel & foam bath provides a refreshing minty blast to revitalise your day. 
Seaweed & Citrus - This refreshing shower gel and foam bath blends the antioxidant qualities of wild harvested Seaweed with aromatic Lemon aromas. A perfect balance between the green and the blue halves of our planet. 
Tea Tree - invigorating from the moment you open the cap, natural Tea Tree oil is used for its wonderful antiseptic qualities and is blended with citrus oils to really get you going.

• Award-winning natural beauty product range • Naturally Sourced ingredients • No artificial colours or perfumes • No parabens or SLS/SLES • Made in the UK •

I was kindly sent this Faith in Nature Botanical Shower Gel and Foam Bath Minis Gift Set from Oxfam awhile ago now. I've just come around to using the set and I love them, they're such a great size to take on any travels and they all smell amazing! 

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Macho and Bling Refresing Peppermint Foot Scrub - Review*

Macho and Bling are a unisex skincare brand that provides 100% natural based products with aromatherapy essential. We have a moral obligation to ensure all of our products are healthy for your skin and gives you the confidence to feel and look great. Oils to nurture, nourish and rejuvanate the skin. From UK made ingredients from Lavender, Carrot Seed, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, we have provided a variety of products from Anti-aging, Beard Oils and Balm's, Unisex Face Masks, Body Creams and more. Sit Back and relax while with our innovative product range. Made to soothe, nourish and refresh your skin. With 100% Natural Ingredients you are guaranteed to feel the true essence of healthy and glowing skin.

This Foot Scrub revitalises and refreshes the foot. It helps soften the base of the feet and in between the toes getting rid of the hardened skin.

Before coming across Macho and Bling on, I hadn't heard of the company before. Whilst having a look through their vast range of products I came across their Refreshing Peppermint Foot Scrub, I love a good foot scrub so I was eager to try this one out. Firstly, the size of the product is smaller than I originally thought but this size is actually great to take away on any travels. The scrub itself smells amazing! I found the squeezy tube easy to use in the shower, the scrub washes off easily and it gives my feet a really good scrub. My feet are left feeling soft after use and are then ready for a foot moisturiser. 

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorant in Indian Mandarine, Provence & Vanilla Orchid - Review*

A natural soda deodorant that helps protect against odour and wetness. 100% natural origin, vegan and not tested on animals. “After a long time living the good life in Berlin, we made the decision to leave the urban jungle behind us. We decided to move back to the countryside of my Hessian homeland, in spite of Berlin’s many advantages. As a strictly vegan couple, we have always paid close attention to what we consumed. Our purchasing habits have always predominantly consisted of products from sustainable and/or organic sources. In the realm of cosmetic products, I have always trusted in the power of nature as well. I had long been searching for a suitable deodorant for myself. It needed to be vegan and not tested on animals. I also wanted a deodorant without aluminium and it was impossible for me to find anything that fit the bill. So we decided to develop our own deodorant which is based solely on all natural ingredients and is free of parabens. It’s a deodorant which can be used by men and women alike. After several attempts, and a lot of time and tinkering we were ready to launch the new deodorant, which we are very proud of.” – Ben & Anna.

A deodorant that contains Arrowroot to absorb moisture, that is also an anti-bacterial which helps keep the wearer dry and smelling fresh, along with Baking Powder to help neutralise odour. Cruelty-free, certified vegan and certified natural & organic, contains 0% aluminium, no PEGs, Parabens, Phthalates or alcohol and is gluten-free.

Indian Mandarine-
A fresh, citrussy deodorant to keep you fresh all day long.

A relaxing and soothing scented deodorant to keep you fresh all day long. 

Vanilla Orchid-
A delicately sweet-scented deodorant to keep you fresh all day long.

After trying out the Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorants in Pink Grapefruit and Persian Lime I really wanted to try out their other scents. I decided to try out scents Indian Mandarine, Provence and Vanilla Orchid from Firstly, all three scents smell amazing! To me Indian Mandarine reminds me of holidays Abroad, Provence has a strong but uplifting scent and Vanilla Orchid is very mild and sort. These deodorants are brilliant and by far the best vegan deodorant's I've come across since going vegan back in 2014. I've come to the decision that I prefer a creamy stick deodorant that I can rub onto my armpits over any other deodorant style that I've tried, as I find them easier to apply and get on with. The Ben & Anna deodorants are perfect for this as the creamy formula glides over my armpits really well, leaving them fully protected. I find the formula isn't sticky after applying and it dries pretty quickly leaving my armpits feeling soft. With these deodorants, I still sweat naturally (a lot less compared to my previous deodorant) but my odour is masked by the long-lasting fresh smelling scents throughout the day. The only downside I found to these deodorants is that the more product you apply the more yellow stains you create on your clothing, this isn't too much of a hassle though as it washes out really easily. Other than that I'm really glad I tried the rest of the Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorant gang!

These products were sent to me to review, all views are my own.