Thursday, 23 August 2018

Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorant in Pink Grapefruit & Persian Lime - Review*

A natural soda deodorant that helps protect against odour and wetness. 100% natural origin, vegan and not tested on animals. “After a long time living the good life in Berlin, we made the decision to leave the urban jungle behind us. We decided to move back to the countryside of my Hessian homeland, in spite of Berlin’s many advantages. As a strictly vegan couple, we have always paid close attention to what we consumed. Our purchasing habits have always predominantly consisted of products from sustainable and/or organic sources. In the realm of cosmetic products, I have always trusted in the power of nature as well. I had long been searching for a suitable deodorant for myself. It needed to be vegan and not tested on animals. I also wanted a deodorant without aluminium and it was impossible for me to find anything that fit the bill. So we decided to develop our own deodorant which is based solely on all natural ingredients and is free of parabens. It’s a deodorant which can be used by men and women alike. After several attempts, and a lot of time and tinkering we were ready to launch the new deodorant, which we are very proud of.” – Ben & Anna.

A deodorant that contains Arrowroot to absorb moisture, that is also an anti-bacterial which helps keep the wearer dry and smelling fresh, along with Baking Powder to help neutralise odour. Cruelty-free, certified vegan and certified natural & organic, contains 0% aluminium, no PEGs, Parabens, Phthalates or alcohol and is gluten-free

Pink Grapefruit-
A fresh and sparkling deodorant to keep you fresh all day long. 

Persian Lime-
A fresh and zesty deodorant to keep you fresh all day long.

I was on the hunt for a new deodorant as my current one wasn't working out for me. I had heard good things about Ben & Anna's Natural Soda Deodorant which I came across on, so I decided to give their Pink Grapefruit and Persian Lime a try. Firstly, I'm super happy that the good rumours are true! These deodorants are brilliant and by far the best vegan deodorant's I've come across since going vegan back in 2014. I've come to the decision that I prefer a creamy stick deodorant that I can rub onto my armpits over any other deodorant style that I've tried, as I find them easier to apply and get on with. The Ben & Anna deodorants are perfect for this as the creamy formula glides over my armpits really well, leaving them fully protected. I find the formula isn't sticky after applying and it dries pretty quickly leaving my armpits feeling soft. With these deodorants, I still sweat naturally (a lot less compared to my previous deodorant) but my odour is masked by the long-lasting fresh smelling scents throughout the day. The only downside I found to these deodorants is that the more product you apply the more yellow stains you create on your clothing, this isn't too much of a hassle though as it washes out really easily. Other than that I'm really glad I tried these Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorants and I can't wait to try out their other scents!

These products were sent to me to review, all views are my own.

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