Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Nailberry L’Oxygéné Oxygenated Nail Lacquer in Shade Flocon - Review*

'White as snow'

The colours have been carefully chosen to compose six classic collections: The Berries, The French, The Must, The Blues, The Neutrals and The Fall/Winter. Choosing a nail polish isn’t so simple. Depending on your mood, your outfit and the season you will vary from time to time the colour of your nails. It is an accessory as much as jewellery, handbags and shoes can be. With our full range, you will find all the colours a woman would ever need. 

Explore L’Oxygéné, Nailberry's luxury breathable nail polish. The innovative lacquer contains a breakthrough formulation that allows air and moisture to pass through the polish resulting in healthier nails. Free from Formaldehyde, Toluene, Camphor, DPB or Formaldehyde Resin, it is suitable for pregnant women, children and most allergy sufferers. Vegan and cruelty-free, it provides long-lasting, salon quality finish without compromise.

Since recently growing my nails out I've been wanting to try out a French manicure on myself. I came across this pure white shade called Flocon by Nailberry on and thought it looked perfect for a French manicure. French manicures aside, I found that the long brush made the nail lacquer easy to apply to my nails. I also found the product simple to remove with my current nail colour remover. I'm really liking the design of the Nailberry bottles, I find that a flat bottle is easier to work with as opposed to an around one. There's no doubt that I need a lot of practice when it comes to French manicures. It ended up taking me a while and the results weren't really what I was hoping for but on the upside, my thumbnail above does look great!

• Ultra long wear and resistant • High pigmentation • UV filter to prevent discolouration and yellowing • Glides on effortlessly and flawlessly • High gloss finish 

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

PHB Ethical Beauty All-In-One Black Mascara - Review*

PHB Ethical Beauty is a pioneering family run business with a revolutionary multi-award winning range of UK handmade ethical beauty products which are all natural, vegan and halal certified. PHB give us ethically made products that are a safer choice for our health and for the environment. They're also raising awareness about ethical issues that arise in the cosmetics industry, such as the use of animal-derived ingredients, plastic microbeads and palm oil in cosmetics. All of PHB's products are free from alcohol, animal ingredients, harmful chemicals & allergens and they are strongly against animal testing.

This Award Winning natural mascara lengthens, thickens and volumises lashes… and is perfect for sensitive eyes. PHB’s Award Winning All-In-One Natural Mascara is the perfect all-encompassing mascara. It lengthens, thickens and volumises lashes with a gentle water-resistant formula that lasts all day without ever smudging or flaking. Made with a unique blend of botanical oils which nourish and protect, helping to lengthen and strengthen lashes naturally for beautiful eyes. Great for sensitive eyes that water easily.

• Free of nanoparticles, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, talc, formaldehyde, mineral oils, fillers, gluten, fragrance, preservatives & GM ingredients. • Lengthens, thickens and volumises • Water resistant • Never flakes or smudges • Nourishes and strengthens lashes • Free from petrochemicals • Great for sensitive eyes • Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Halal Certified • 

I've really enjoyed trying out this PHB Ethical Beauty All-In-One Black Mascara from this month. The product separates my lashes well without leaving any clumps of the mascara behind. I find the brush easy and simple to use, which is a big thing when it comes to mascaras! I've worn the mascara quite a few times now and it hasn't flaked as of yet, on a night out or at work which is a bonus. I find my lashes are extended to a nice natural length with this mascara which makes it a nice day to day product for myself.

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Inika Certified Organic Liquid Eyeliner in Black - Review*

'May your eyeliner always be even.'

Made with the finest, most gentle natural ingredients, INIKA products have become a saving grace for people who struggle with allergies and sensitivities to other cosmetics. Made in Australia, the range offers outstanding performance, unquestionable quality and a stylish product selection with the most glamorous results. Available in colours and finishes not seen before in natural makeup. Products are easy to wear, kind to skin and remain clear on your conscience. The multi-award winning range includes best-selling mineral foundations and concealers, mineral eye shadows and mascaras, professional brushes and creamy lipsticks. The products are becoming must-haves even for those without sensitive skin as the quality, range and finish easily rival the most high-end, chemical alternatives. 

The ultimate eye definition with all natural, vegan ingredients. This certified organic liquid eyeliner provides intense, long-lasting and smudge proof, and features an ergonomic handle for easy application. Contains certified organic Aloe Vera, certified organic Black Tea Leaf Extract and Mineral Pigments. Also free from quick-drying alcohols. 

• 100% natural • Certified organic or vegan or both • Certified halal • Certified cruelty-free • Free from Parabens • Free from Petrochemicals, fillers and talc • Free from Bismuth Oxychloride and GM ingredients • Free of preservatives, Mineral oils, Phthalates and fragrances • Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) • Packed in recyclable packaging •

I've recently been getting back into make-up. I've always loved a liquid eyeliner so I was looking forward to trying one out again. Whilst on the hunt for a new product to try, I came across this Inika Liquid Eyeliner in black from I'm in love with how classy their product packaging is and I seem to be slowly but surely creating my own Inika collection. I decided to try the eyeliner on a night out, so I applied it before hitting the town. It took me a few coats of the product to get a perfect consistency and even look, but I got there in the end. After dancing the night away and heading home I was ready to remove the eyeliner as quickly as possible. To my surprise, the eyeliner was looking the same as when I  had left the house! And luckily it was super quick and easy to remove with my coconut oil, which is what I needed during the early hours of the morning. Overall, I'm quite pleased with this liquid eyeliner and I'm looking forward to using it again.

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Sugar StripEase Waxing At Home Range - Review

'Hair removal for people who care about fluffy bunnies.'

Since Sugar StripEase was established in 1989 they have always manufactured in the UK. It's important to them that they maintain the highest standards and by manufacturing themselves in their factory, they are able to ensure that every batch that goes out is of the finest quality. They also endeavor to use British suppliers wherever possible and to support local businesses as much as they can. The company is proud to be the only hair remover to display the Made in Britain logo and they claim that they will continue to do so. All of the Sugar StripEase packaging is recyclable and in order to make the product as environmentally friendly as possible, they have become the first ones to introduce reusable waxing strips. This means they're the ultimate eco-choice for anyone on a quest to be fuzz-free! Sugar StripEase does not test any of their products or ingredients on animals, and they are careful to ensure that their suppliers have the same standards. The company have been BUAV certified since 1989 and have maintained their standards for the last two decades. They're also very proud to display the Leaping Bunny logo which certifies them as cruelty-free. The company are also approved for use by the Vegan Society, so therefore all of Sugar StripEase products are vegan suitable. Sugar StripEase has been created to take the chore out of hair removal. Sugar StripEase isn't just chemical-free: based on 100% natural ingredients, the exclusive formulation is literally good enough to eat. And it can be used on all areas of the body from upper lip to bikini line, legs to underarms!

This skin-softening blend has been formulated to be microwaveable, retaining its heat in the jar so you have plenty of ‘playtime’ to treat the areas you wish to de-hair. Sugar StripEase also eliminates the risk of ingrown hairs, as hair re-growth will always be in its natural direction.

Each pack contains 15 strips and three spatulas. Exclusively sourced for use with Sugar StripEase, these non-fraying, washable strips can be reused. And the two different sized spatulas are for application over larger and smaller areas. 

Sugar StripEase Pure Fine Talc is the perfect way to prepare the skin for using Sugar StripEase. Free from perfume and titanium dioxide, Sugar StripEase Pure Fine Talc is the most natural and effective way to ready the skin for a silky smooth finish. 

Sugar StripEase Soothing Mist is a carefully created spray for use after waxing. The Spring Water with Witch Hazel and Bergamot essential oils will soothe, and leave the skin feeling fresh and silky smooth. 

Heaven in a jar! This is honestly the best waxing range that I have ever tried. I've been through a lot of home waxing kits and this just tops them all! Every month I would make a visit to a local salon to have all of my waxing taken care of, which would cost me just over £40 a month. When I became vegan I started feeling guilty as I knew that the products they were using on me weren't vegan-friendly. I had come across Sugar StripEase before but I thought it was going to be like the other waxing products that I had previously disliked. I was very wrong, as whenever I use Sugar StripEase it feels like I've had my waxing done in a salon but at a fraction of the price. Now that I wax at home I don't have to wait for random appointments at the salon and I can wax whenever I like, which is much more convenient for me. I've used the wax on all areas and it's been great, just like a salon finished wax. It takes less than 60 seconds to heat up in a microwave. The wax melts into a honey-like consistency, making it so easy to use. The Pure Fine Talc is used for dusting on pre-waxed areas and the Soothing Mist is for spraying on post-waxed areas, both products are very helpful. The strips and spatula are both of very good quality and they're so easy to clean the wax off of them afterward as the wax just melts away under warm water. The only thing I would say is that It does take me quite a while to clean off all of my used strips and it seems to use up quite a lot of water when doing this. If anyone has any tips to prevent this taking time and using a lot of water then I would love to know, please. Other than that I am totally in love with Sugar StripEase and I wish I had bought the whole range sooner as I would have saved myself a lot of money and trips to the salon in the past! As you can probably tell I've really enjoyed using the range and I've already repurchased the products many a time.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Giovanni 2Chic Frizz Be Gone Taming Cream - Review*

'Frizz Be Still. Frizz Be Gone'

Giovanni's principles are based on beauty from the elements and beauty from within. Their pioneering formulae include vitamins, herbs, minerals, proteins and nutrients that ensure your hair & skin looks and feels its best. And their simple yet unique bottles add a funky modern twist to the bathroom.

Twenty Benefits to improve your smooth. Improve your smooth with organic essential oils that know how to tame your mane. Frizz Decoded. 

1. Soft to Medium Hold 2. Heat Styling Protection 3. Won’t Weigh Hair Down 4. Smooths Strands 5. Long-Lasting Control 6. Defines Waves & Curls 7. Rejuvenates Vibrancy 8. Style Manageability 9. Disciplines Flyaways 10. Prevents Breakage 11. Controls Frizz 12. Adds Shine 13. Soft Finish 14. Hydrates Tresses 15. Humidity Control 16. Color Safe 17. Distributes Easily 18. Adds Texture 19. Controls Static 20. Non-greasy.

Ever since I've changed from a side parting to a middle one, I've accumulated a lot of flyaway hairs. To help with these I was on the hunt for a product to keep them at bay. I came across this 2Chic Frizz Be Gone Taming Cream by Giovanni on and decided to give the product a go. My first impressions were that the cream smells absolutely lovely! I also love how cute and pink the packaging looks. The cream claims to be non-greasy but I personally found it to be quite greasy to hand. At first, I applied the product to my hair whilst it was still damp. I feel that I had applied too much, as my hair became very greasy looking, to the point where I had to re-wash my hair. The second time around I applied a tiny amount to my dry and already styled hair, this didn't seem to make my hair look greasy at all and it helped with flyaways, which is what I was looking for.

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.