Tuesday, 30 January 2018

In2mate Natural Wash, Moisturiser & Lubricant - Review *

'Let's get In2mate.'

In2mate felt it was time for an intimate care range that addressed all women’s secret desires, and not just the basics. They felt the intimate care on offer was fairly limited and simplistic. Why shouldn’t intimate areas be treated with the same beauty and health benefits as other areas of the body? They wanted to help refresh and rejuvenate as well as just keeping a healthy balance. Rejuvenation isn’t just about an improved cosmetic appearance, it’s also about repairing and strengthening intimate skin to help protect it against infection and weakening. So with In2mate, they've created a new collection of almost 100% natural products that are perfectly pH balanced for vaginal use. Their products help keep the vagina at 4.5 or below. However, we know that normal skin is not as acidic as the vagina. Any product whether it’s a moisturiser, lubricant or wash will also be in contact with skin near the vagina. So In2mate have struck a healthy balance between the skin around the vagina and the tissue within. They've picked 4.5 as their perfect ‘balance’ pH because it’s not too high for the vagina and not too low for the skin. But having a right pH balance isn’t all In2mate's products can do. In2Mate products also contain reparative and rejuvenating ingredients to keep intimate skin firmer, stronger and more flexible. They now feel, that after years of development, they've finally got a product range that meets all of their expectations and hopefully every women’s intimate needs.

The complete In2mate care range is over 99% natural and works in unison to keep intimate skin cleansed, flexible, lubricated and balanced. The In2mate complete care range is designed to cleanse, rejuvenate and lubricate intimate skin using almost 100% naturally active ingredients and includes a gentle, non-perfumed intimate wash, a light non-sticky non-perfumed moisturiser and a natural-feeling non-perfumed lubricant.

In2mate Natural Wash -
In2mate wash maintains healthy bacterial balance with rejuvenating and detoxifying cleanliness. A gentle, non-perfumed intimate wash that restores bacterial balance, protects against bad bacterial build up while rejuvenating, detoxifying and refreshing. 99.7% naturally derived ingredients. 

I've never used an 'intimate' wash before so this was my first use of one! Only a small amount was needed to get a good wash. For me, the product soaped up well and I now feel happier knowing that this natural wash is a friendlier alternative for my intimate areas to my usual shower gels.

In2mate Natural Moisturiser -
A natural non-perfumed moisturiser with prebiotics to maintain bacterial balance plus hydrating and rejuvenating actives to help restore flexibility, suppleness and smoothness. A light non-sticky non-perfumed moisturiser that restores bacterial balance, guards against bad bacterial build up, repairs micro skin damage and rejuvenates and replenishes intimate moisture and flexibility. 99.1% naturally derived ingredients.

Out of the countless moisturisers I've gone through, I've never used an intimate moisturiser. I found this to be soft and gentle and a great treat to use after waxing my bikini line. I also love that the bottle has a pump, it's super easy to use and no product gets wasted.

In2mate Natural Lubricant -
Natural lubrication with optimised pH, prebiotics and rejuvenating ingredients to restore moisture, smoothness and flexibility. A natural-feeling non-perfumed lubricant that helps replenish lubrication, increase skin smoothness and rejuvenate vaginal skin for better flexibility while also optimising bacterial balance and guarding against harmful bacteria build up. 99.4% naturally derived ingredients. 

If you're vegan, don't forget to check that your lubricants are vegan, including your condoms! I found this natural lubricant to be super soft and easy to use. I feel a lot happier knowing that there are no nasties in this product. 

These products were sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Lucky Cloud Skincare Coconut Lip Butter - Review*

'You'll be on cloud nine'

Lucky Cloud Skincare create natural, vegan-friendly skincare in Edinburgh, Scotland. All products are lovingly handmade in small batches using luxurious quality raw ingredients to create moisture-rich, nourishing and soothing products. Looking chic and jam-packed with vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids. We create products that deliver on their promise and look so good you’ll want to show them off to everyone you know!

This vegan-friendly lip butter not only softens, protects and heals your lips, it also smells good enough to eat! Enriched with Coconut & Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond & Thistle Oil along with Vitamin E oil to protect your smackers. Packed in super cool and retro tins, our lip balms are low profile so don't take up much room in your purse or pocket. This coconut variety smells so good, it'll transport you to a tropical destination in an instant!

• 100% Vegan • High-quality botanical extracts, plant oils and butters • Ethically sourced ingredients • Enriched with vitamins • Packaged in fully recyclable containers  No Parabens, Formaldehyde, Sodium Lauryl / Laureth Sulphates or Mineral Oils  No animal ingredients animal or testing 

I recently came across this Coconut Lip Butter By Lucky Cloud Skincare from LoveLula.com. I had read good things about the product so I decided to review it for LoveLula this month as I love anything coconut. I really love the packaging that the lip butter comes in, it's super easy to open and you can apply it directly to your lips without it going everywhere. It also smells absolutely divine and I can't stop applying it to my lips! It's a great size to keep in your pocket when out and about as it doesn't take up any space at all. I'm really looking forward to trying out different products by Lucky Cloud Skincare.

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Glossworks Nail Polish Remover - Review*

'Effective, yet gentle.'

Glossworks has been around since the tail end of last year, the range consists of many great coloured nail polishes, base & top coats, a nail & cuticle oil and a nail polish remover. The whole range is vegan and cruelty-free. 

This effective, yet gentle grape-scented nail polish remover is enriched with Argan Oil and Vitamin E, to nourish and repair your nails. The nail polish remover is Acetone-free and formulated with high-quality ingredients that swiftly removes polish from the nails, leaving no white residue on the nail.

When I came across this Nail Polish Remover by Glossworks on LoveLula.com, I was running low on my current remover so I decided to give this one a whirl. Firstly, I really like the packaging that Glossworks have chosen for this remover, I find the design very fresh, straightforward and easy to use. I wanted to put the product to the test, it was time to remove the deep purple nail colour that I had been wearing for almost a week. It came off very easily without much effort, I only needed two rounds of the remover to get the deep purple completely off of my nails, whereas usually, it takes me three to four. After using the remover the grape scent that's left behind is absolutely lovely. I liked it so much that I couldn't stop smelling my fingernails after using it! The only downside to the nail polish is that the remover itself has a really strong alcohol scent and unfortunately, my room was left smelling the same for a good few hours.

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Inika Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Duo in Platinum Steel & Inika Shadow Brush - Review*

'When glamour meets nature you can't help but fall in love.'

Made with the finest, most gentle natural ingredients, INIKA products have become a saving grace for people who struggle with allergies and sensitivities to other cosmetics. Made in Australia, the range offers outstanding performance, unquestionable quality and a stylish product selection with the most glamorous results. Available in colours and finishes not seen before in natural makeup. Products are easy to wear, kind to skin and remain clear on your conscience. The multi-award winning range includes best-selling mineral foundations and concealers, mineral eyeshadows and mascaras, professional brushes and creamy lipsticks. The products are becoming must-haves even for those without sensitive skin as the quality, range and finish easily rival the most high-end, chemical alternatives. 

 • 100% natural • Certified organic or vegan or both • Certified halal • Certified cruelty-free • Free from Parabens • Free from Petrochemicals, fillers and talc • Free from Bismuth Oxychloride and GM ingredients • Free of preservatives, Mineral oils, Phthalates and fragrances • Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) • Packed in recyclable packaging 

Inika Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Duo:
This versatile, long-haired brush gradually tapers to a medium-size dome for easy eyeshadow application. Its unique shape makes it ideal for applying INIKA Mineral Eye Shadow all over the lid, softening eye contour colours, diffusing shadow pigments or setting concealer. Blend INIKA Mineral Eye Shadow seamlessly with horizontal strokes from the outer corner of lid up into the crease, making eyes look extra defined. INIKA Perfection Concealer can be applied with the INIKA Shadow Brush by using light vertical strokes around the eye area. Can also be used on top of our INIKA Eye Pencil to give your eyes dramatic and iridescent colour. 

Inika Shadow Brush:
INIKA Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Duos are rich in pigment for vibrant and opulent colour that lasts all day. They have been pressed using an all natural process, delivering the healthiness of mineral eye shadow with the performance of a pressed powder - without the need for harmful chemicals that may irritate sensitive eyes. Like all of your INIKA cosmetics, you can be sure that these all natural beauties don't compromise on quality. Each shadow boasts a high-performance mineral colour that is rich in pigment, crease-proof and long-lasting. Enhance the colour and shape of your eye by choosing from any of the seven complimentary shade combinations, and creating a look for any occasion

I haven't used an eye shadow for a good few years! I've constantly felt as if I couldn't apply it properly, so I gave up using it. I've always liked a smokey eye on other people and when I came across this Inika Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Duo in Platinum Steel on LoveLula.com, I decided to pluck up the courage and try eye shadow again. I paired the Eye Shadow Duo with Inika's long-haired Shadow Brush because I felt that having matching tools would be a good start. My first impressions were how classy the recyclable packaging looks and feels, I really love the gold and black design. I absolutely love the Shadow Brush as you can use it both dry or damp, giving versatile looks. I tested a look with a damp brush and was given the test patch above, I had achieved my perfect shiny grey smokey eye! I found the eye shadow super easy to remove with coconut oil and the Shadow Brush was just as easy to clean with soap and water. Overall I'm really happy with these Inika products that I choose to review and I'm really looking forward to trying out different coloured eyeshadows!

These products were sent to me to review, all views are my own.