Monday, 31 July 2017

Maggie Anne Nail Polish in Colour Florence & Shine Like A Star Top Coat- Review*

'Shine Like A Star'. 

Maggie Anne is a six toxin free gel-effect nail polish which is ultra glossy and has a high shine, with a sensational gel-like finish. All Maggie Anne gel effect polishes are not only made without the three common chemicals found in nail polishes (Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde) but also without three other very dangerous chemicals (Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor and THTP). The company also offer three amazing fragrances of Acetone-Free nail polish removers.

Firstly, the gel coat gives a high-shine and the glass-like finish of a professional gel manicure. Nails are smoothed, colour is protected and you are left with a long-lasting chip-resistant and high shine finish. Secondly, Maggie Anne's Florence is the perfect burnt orange and extremely sweet poppy-toned red. A smoking hot shade for the summer festivals. 

Maggie Anne's Florence is the perfect mix of orange and red, I find it a great colour for Summertime. I found both nail polishes very easy to apply, the wide brushes make the application a lot easier. With the Shine Like A Star Top Coat, I found it peeling within a week so had to reapply. The gel effect polish is said to last 5-7 days with two coats of colour and a Special Gel Topcoat. I can confirm that even without the Special Gel Topcoat, Florence lasted a good few days before chipping.

These products were sent to me to review, all views are my own.

PHB Ethical Beauty Balancing Facial Wash with Rosemary & Mint - Review*

 'To balance, clean and refresh skin.' 

PHB Ethical Beauty is a family business who make handmade products in the UK with 20% of their profit going to charity. Their products are free from animal ingredients, Parabens, SLS, DEA, TEA, alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol), Phenoxyethanol, artificial perfumes/fragrance, Petrochemicals, Methylisothiazolinone, Phthalates, colourants, silicone, mineral oils and Propylene Glycol. And all of their products are organic, vegan and Halal.

PHB’s handcrafted balancing facial wash is made by combining refreshing Mint with Rosemary and Thyme, an ancient tonic that soothes and repairs skin. The gentle effective formula that cleans, softens and balances skin. Rosemary soothes and strengthens skin. It cleanses the skin of excess oils and balances congested skin to regulate oil production. Combined with skin awakening Mint and the anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties of Thyme this balancing facial wash helps improve the appearance of skin and encourages a blemish free complexion. 

I was getting low on my current daily face wash, so I decided to try PHB's Balancing Facial Wash from Firstly, I love the packaging for this PHB Ethical Beauty Face Wash. The only slight problem I had was the pump didn't seem to lock very well. Other than that the smell is divine, and the subtle scent of Rosemary and Mint go refreshingly well together. Only a small amount is needed as the product foams up nicely, giving a good overall wash. My skin is left feeling very fresh and clean after using this Balancing Facial Wash. I would also say that my oily complexion was put to rest for the day.

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

PHB Ethical Beauty Restoring Hand Cream with Rosemary & Chamomile - Review*

'Restore those dry hands to soft ones.'

Handmade in the UK PHB Products are free from quite a lot of things, these include no animal ingredients, Parabens, SLS, DEA, TEA, Alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol), Phenoxyethanol, artificial perfumes/fragrance, Petrochemicals, Methylisothiazolinone, Phthalates, Colourants, Silicone, Mineral oils and Propylene Glycol. PHB products are also organic, vegan and Halal.

PHB’s rich and nourishing Restoring Hand Cream is made with a creamy formula that soothes and restores dry or cracked skin, yet absorbs instantly leaving no greasiness or residue. Rich organic butter and herbal extracts relieve dryness, soften skin and increase suppleness. Wild harvested Tamanu oil helps to heal and repair skin and encourage tissue regeneration. This results in softer, more supple hands and is especially good for those who experience very dry or cracked skin. With a therapeutic blend of Rosemary, Chamomile and nourishing plant extracts that calm and renew your skin and senses.

Ever since I reviewed the PHB's Anti-Ageing Rejuvenating Hand Cream which I love, I was excited to try more from their range. I tend to get mild dryness on my hands during the hotter months, so I thought I try PHB's Restoring Hand Cream from LoveLula. This hand cream is described as being a rich and nourishing formula which helps soften and give more supple skin. The product is also said to have no greasiness or residue after applying, this is true as I found the cream sinks in quickly and I don't feel like I need to wash my hands afterwards to get rid of any greasiness. I also like the scent of this hand cream as it's very mild and gentle smell. And for me the design of the bottle is perfect, it's a good size and easy to apply from the pump. Overall, I'm really happy with this PHB hand cream and I'm looking forward to trying out the rest of their range.

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Sukin Lime & Coconut Botanical Body Wash & Hydrating Body Lotion - Review*

'Skincare that doesn’t cost the Earth.'

In 2007, Sukin was launched in Melbourne, Australia, after identifying a gap in the market for high efficacy, environmentally sustainable and affordable natural skincare. Sukin are passionate about providing “skincare that doesn’t cost the earth”. This tag line promotes Sukin’s stance on affordable pricing as well as referring to the natural and earth friendly ethos that they stand by. All of the products produced by Sukin are Australian made with ingredients that are naturally derived, cruelty free and vegan. All formulations are 100% Carbon Neutral, biodegradable and grey water safe. 

Our soap-free Lime and Coconut Botanical Body Wash refreshes and stimulates the senses while leaving skin clean and fresh. Jojoba, Avocado and Rosehip Oils are combined to purify, hydrate and soften the skin while cleansing. With a calming combination of Chamomile and Aloe Vera, skin is left feeling soothed and lightly hydrated. And our Lime and Coconut infused Hydration Body Lotion refreshes and stimulates the senses, while a nourishing combination of Rosehip, Avocado, and Jojoba Oils, along with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter hydrate and smooth skin. An infusion of Aloe Vera, Nettle, Horsetail and Burdock restores the skin’s moisture barrier and helps to nourish dry skin.

I was kindly sent these two Sukin products from Fluorescent PR to review. Firstly, I really like the pump design of both bottles. This makes them perfect for using in the shower as only a little product is released each time, avoiding any product waste. Both the body wash and lotion smell very fresh and whilst the lime overpowers the coconut in the body wash, the body lotion smells more of coconut. For me this means that they both work really well together. I find that the body lotion soaks in well and it leaves a fresh subtle smelling scent afterwards. My skin felt very soft after the body lotion had sunk into my skin. And to me the body wash has a medium foaming process and sadly I felt that I needed to use a little more than usual, but other than that it does its job well and smells amazing!

These products were sent to me to review, all views are my own.