Wednesday, 3 May 2017

PealBar Planet Loving Medium Adult Toothbrush & Floss Picks - Review*

PearlBar is Australia’s very own planet-loving, oral care and teeth whitening experts. They produce fully biodegradable, bamboo, charcoal-infused toothbrushes with Eco enhanced Nylon and Charcoal infused, eco enhanced floss picks. Even their packaging is biodegradable.

PearlBar's floss picks are small yet mighty, getting into those hard to reach places in your mouth, helping whiten teeth as they go. Each floss pick has a carefully designed handle made from 100% biodegradable materials; the floss and the pick handle can be returned to the Earth after use, without causing any harm to Mother Nature. And their 100% biodegradable charcoal-infused bamboo toothbrushes bristles are infused with charcoal, one of nature's best absorbing and cleaning agents, which works well when used for teeth and gum cleaning. The charcoal bristles are made of Eco enhanced nylon, allowing them to biodegrade once put into the Earth, without harming the Earth around it. The handle is made of high quality, fairly traded bamboo that will also biodegrade and has wonderful antibacterial qualities. And the brush will last the same amount of time as a conventional toothbrush which is around 3 months.

Now the last time I tried a bamboo toothbrush I didn't get on with it as I was getting a strange taste of wood every time I used it. I'm happy and surprised to say that this wasn't the case with PearlBar's Planet Loving Toothbrush. I find the bristles of the brush to be very soft and a lot gentler than my usual toothbrush. Even though the bristles feel softer and not as harsh, I still feel like I'm getting a good tooth clean from the brush.

I found PealBar's Floss Picks really handy and easy to use! They're great for travelling with as they're so small and compact. Traditional dental floss is made from nylon coated with wax – the super strong thread doesn’t degrade, so it can’t be composted or recycled.  But these are great, as when you've finished using the Floss Picks you can bury them to let them naturally biodegrade!

Floss Picks for £9.95 from*

These products were sent to me to review, all views are my own.

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  1. I really enjoyed using both of these and loved the idea of burying them after use!