Thursday, 2 March 2017

LUSH Grease Lightining Spot Treatment - Review

LUSH Cosmetics are highly against animal testing and use only ethical ingredients. All of their products are handmade and are 100% vegetarian-friendly, not all are vegan-friendly, so make sure you look out for the Vegan Society Approved stamp!

When your skin needs to shape up there’s no need to lose control. The (natural) power that antibacterial tea tree and witch hazel are supplying is purifying while antioxidant-rich grape juice helps to cleanse and soothe. If you're hopelessly devoted to clear skin, apply with a finger as often as you like. So easy even a beauty school drop-out could do it.

Grease Lightning is a thick gel-like consistency that can be used to directly banish spots. I personally found that the gel had reduced the redness of my spots after it had been left on overnight. I prefer using the product during the night because once applied you're left with a shiny film over the said spot. The main downside to this product though is its pump. I prefer putting the gel directly onto my spots, this means I only require a small amount of the product each time when using it. The pump tends to give you more product to work with as you can't easily control how much comes out of it. 

*This article originally appeared on Aedition.

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  1. I really like Grease Lightning but I agree - it's much easier to use it at night! xx