Sunday, 15 May 2016

Lavera Refreshing Organic Lime & Verbena Deodorant Spray - Review*

For over 25 years, Lavera has manufactured all-natural skincare and cosmetics to the highest quality standards. Using herbal ingredients, certified organic whenever possible, Lavera products are all formulated without synthetic preservatives, colours or fragrances, developed to be effective yet gentle for sensitive skin, and safe for you, your family and the environment.

This deodorant with organic lime and organic verbena provides long-lasting odour protection and invigorating freshness. Valuable active ingredients such as green tea and witch hazel form part of the effective deodorising formula.

I've been looking for a body spray for a while that I can use during work to keep me smelling fresh and a little more summery when out. When I was searching through the MyPure website looking for something to be sent for reviewing purposes, I came across this Lime and Verbena Deodorant Spray from Lavera which sounded like it would be really refreshing. So far I've tried a few Lavera products since going vegan and I've ended up with a good handful of favorites from them. With the Summer coming up I thought this sounded like the perfect deodorant to be using during the season. When I received the product I tried it right away as I was quite excited to try it out, but I was sadly very disappointed as it stung my armpits so much. It stung so much that I had to quickly wash my armpits to get rid of the product.  After that I checked the ingredients and I came across alcohol, I thought this may be the reason it had stung me so much. The next time I used the spray I decided I would only use it as body spray and not as an underarm deodorant. I really love the scent of this as it has a really fresh scent to it and it seems to linger quite sometime after it's been applied. Even though this product's main aim is to be an underarm deodorant I personally think it's a lot better off as a body spray and is great when you're wanting a quick freshen up when out. 

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

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