Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Lavera Basis Sensitiv Anti-Ageing Q10 Eye Cream - Review*

For over 25 years, Lavera has manufactured all-natural skincare and cosmetics to the highest quality standards. Using herbal ingredients, certified organic whenever possible, Lavera products are all formulated without synthetic preservatives, colours or fragrances, developed to be effective yet gentle for sensitive skin, and safe for you, your family and the environment.

This anti-ageing eye cream contains coenzyme Q10 to gently smooth the delicate eye area. When used regularly, wrinkle depth is noticeably reduced and skin elasticity is improved. Q10 naturally occurs in the body to help regenerate the skin, however as we get older the body produces less.

The previous eye cream I had been using prior to this one had ran out on me so I decided to search for a new one on MyPure. I ended up coming across this Lavera Anti-Ageing Eye Cream with Q10 and thought it would do the job perfectly. As soon as I received the eye cream, I put it to work using it both day and night after cleansing my skin. After using the cream twice a day for a couple of weeks I started to notice a big difference in the fine lines around my eyes, this surprised me a lot as I've never seen a product work this well or quickly before! I also found that the underneath of my eyes look visually smoother and softer since using the eye cream. The cream itself is of a thin consistency (but you still only need a little of the product) which means it's easy to dab into the skin and because of this it soaks in well. After using the product I'm not left with a heavy feeling or oily skin which is great, as having a thick cream around the eye area is something you really don't want! I also like that the tube of this product has a small nib where the cream comes out, I find this good because I can apply the cream directly under my eye instead of applying it to my finger first. As you can tell from reading my review I'm now fully committed to using this product to help carry on reducing and preventing my fine lines!

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

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