Saturday, 4 July 2015

Love The Planet Reusable Cleansing Pads - Review

Love The Planet was started back in 2002 by Laura McComiskie. What started as a kitchen based project, quickly grew into a successful business with loyal customers all over the world. Reaching the finals of the British Female Inventor of the Year Awards in London in 2002 with her Washable Cleansing Pads idea, spurred her on to develop the idea further and launch Love The Planet. Over the years Love The Planet has gone from strength to strength and has been featured in many publications.

These colourful reusable cleansing pads are an environmentally friendly alternative to cotton wool. Simply use with cleanser in place of cotton wool pads or wipes to remove make-up. Place in the wash bag, wash in the machine and hey presto, they're ready to use again and again!

When I first came across these cool reusable eco-friendly cleansing pads, I decided to ditch the cotton wool for good! I think these are a great product if you're conscious about the environment or you don't want to keep spending money that's getting thrown away (cotton wool), after one use. I find these great to travel with as they're small and lightweight and they dry out quickly. I went for the coloured pads instead of the white ones as I thought the plain ones would look more grubby after a lot of use. The pads are soft like a towel and can be used for a variety of different things, such as applying toners, removing make-up or even just washing your face. I've had my pads since December 2014, which I've been using nearly every day since then and they're still good as new! I'm definitely a cotton wool convert.


  1. I need to get myself some of these! Love that you can clean them in the washing machine :)

  2. Hi Lizzie,

    Thanks for writing up about these - I've been looking for a perfect substitute for cotton pads for a while now, and while I've seen crocheted "cotton rounds", I wasn't sure they'd be soft enough for my sensitive skin. These look perfect!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

  3. I love my reusable cotton cleansing pads, too! Such a great alternative to disposable ones. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life