Tuesday, 7 October 2014

LUSH Cosmetics Solid Dirty Toothy Tabs Toothpaste - Review

LUSH Cosmetics are highly against animal testing and use only ethical ingredients. All of their products are handmade and are 100% vegetarian-friendly, not all are vegan-friendly, so make sure you lookout for the Vegan Society Approved stamp!

Squeaky clean teeth and spearmint fresh breath are a brush away. Wherever you go, these solid alternatives to toothpaste will keep you feeling cool, with kaolin powder, neroli and spearmint oils. If you're feeling dirty, keep it clean by nibbling a tab between your teeth and brushing all over. The boxes are also great for the environment, stopping the need for aluminium tubes that end up in a landfill. All you have to do is simply nibble one between your front teeth to break up the tab and start brushing.

I honestly think that this could be one of LUSH's best product yet. I was quite excited when I first got around to trying these 'Dirty' vegan Toothy Tabs out. The flavour 'Dirty' for me is just the perfect spearminty taste and smell which leaves my teeth feeling clean and my breath smelling fresh. I haven't tried any of the other flavours yet but I am curious to try out the 'Chou Chou I Love You' flavour as I love Turkish delight! At first, I found the method of crunching the tab quite strange but I quickly got used to it and I've been using them ever since instead of toothpaste for around two months now. Even after a couple of months of using these Toothy Tabs I still haven't gotten used to how much they actually froth up in my mouth when water is added, they're so much better than normal toothpaste and especially the non-frothing vegan ones I've tried before. I also really like that these are so easy to take away with you when travelling, they're so light you won't even know that you're carrying them with you! Simply crush, wet and brush away. And at only £2 for forty tabs which lasts me just over one month, I've most definitely converted over to these Toothy Tabs instead of tubed toothpaste.

Edit (August 2015): I've stopped using Toothy Tabs as they made my teeth become very sensitive.

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