Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Natracare's Organic & Natural Tampons & Pads - Review

Natracare is more than just organic and natural products. We are an award-winning, ethical company committed to offering sustainable solutions for personal health care that leaves only a soft footprint on the earth. Established in 1989, Natracare is a small family-run business based in the UK and today is the global leading brand of natural and organic menstrual and personal care products. All of our menstrual, incontinence, and baby care products use only organic and natural materials. Everything we use, do, and create is a commitment to the highest ethical standards whether focussed on organic principles or biodegradability. Our entire supply chain, from raw materials and processing, shares in our commitment to manage and monitor resources respectfully and ethically.

Before I 'fell in love' with my Mooncup, I purchased a few products from Natracare. Natracare creates wipes, tampons, pads, and liners in so many different sizes and shapes, which are all organic and natural. Their products contain no chlorine bleaches, no Rayon, they're perfume-free, plastic-free, over 90% biodegradable, and are also compostable when under the correct conditions, how cool is that! 

Regular Applicator Tampons
I found the regular applicator tampons comfortable and easy to use. The applicator is totally chlorine-free with biodegradable cardboard and the tampons are made from 100% organic cotton, as well as being free from synthetic materials, chemical additives, and bleach. I would prefer a thicker string on these tampons though, so I probably wouldn't use these on a heavier day. Unlike other branded tampons the packaging of these is really cute and girly! 

Mini Panty Liners
The mini panty liners are made with certified organic cotton and totally chlorine-free, plant cellulose, and are also plastic-free. These liners look and feel thick but are quite narrow in shape. I found that when using these liners they seemed to bunch up quite a bit and came apart easily, but saying that they were still quite absorbent. I'm thinking of giving the curved liners ago, to see if that helps with the shaping and bunching of the mini liners. These mini liners are also available in a normal range which comes individually wrapped, unlike the ones I bought. 

Ultra Regular Pads with Wings
And lastly the ultra regular pads with wings. These pads are individually wrapped and are made with certified organic cotton and renewable and sustainable plant cellulose. They're plastic-free and chlorine-free just like all of the other products. Even though I chose the regular size for these pads they seem to be very very thin! I think if I buy these again I'm going to go for the supersize with wings just for the extra padding. 

Overall my favourite product so far from Natracare has to be the regular applicator tampons!
I would also like to try out the organic baby wipes and the organic intimate wipes that Natracare also produces.

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