Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic Toothpaste Mint - Review

The core of Lavera’s philosophy can be found in its name: which literally means ‘the truth’, which is the founding principle of the company and the cosmetics they produce. Lavera is totally committed to bringing you the healthiest and safest, high-quality, pure natural, and organic products. They are proud to be certified organic by NATRUE and have over 100 products certified vegan by the Vegan Society. All Lavera products are free from animal testing. And the products do not contain Parabens, SLS’s, synthetic sunscreen actives, artificial dyes, or fragrances. Lavera is committed to making sure that you and your family are safe from potentially harmful ingredients by providing you with effective and chemical-free options with wholesome values.

Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic Toothpaste with mint and fluoride helps to effectively remove plaque and tartar, and fight against tooth decay by hardening the tooth enamel. The natural minty flavor keeps your breath fresh. The formula of the organic toothpaste contains sea salt which has been carefully selected to effectively clean the teeth. Plant extracts from organic echinacea and arnica protect the gums and oral flora. When used regularly, the mint toothpaste helps to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth.

I found the flavoring of this toothpaste to be minty but not overpowering. The only downside with this toothpaste is that it has tiny granules in it, and not everyone might like that. I didn't really like it at first but I got used to it and I tend to just rinse the bits away with my mouthwash. I feel this toothpaste gives my teeth a really good clean, also leaving my breath feeling fresh and minty. 

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