Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Little Health Company COCO Miracle Oil Hair Treatment - Review*

Go coconuts with this hair oil!

I was contacted by the lovely people at The Little Health Company and was asked if I would be interested in reviewing their COCO Miracle Oil Hair Treatment. I've never really been one for hair oils, as I always think they're going to leave my hair really greasy afterwards! I kindly accepted the item to review as I hadn't tried a hair oil for a while and had read good reviews.

'Make your hair softer than it has ever been with this bespoke blend of natural ingredients Ditch the chemicals in favour of this sumptuous blend of natural oils, carefully mixed in just the right quantities to nourish your hair, leaving it soft and silky.'

When the product arrived I was quite excited to try it out. This was due to the oil having to be applied to dry hair, then left in and washed out with shampoo and conditioner. The only hair oils I've come across so far have had to be applied to wet hair and then washed again, which I personally think takes up too much time! The oil itself is a 100% natural formula made from extra virgin organic coconut oil, castor, macadamia, sweet almond, avocado and vitamin E oil. The product contains no nasty synthetics, is said to reduce frizz and re-hydrate thirsty hair. You can also wash it out or leave it in over night. I find that the oil smells lovely and sweet but isn't too overpowering. The oil is easy to apply and it didn't get as messy as I thought it would. I ended up only applying four pumps to the ends my of hair as I was worried about it becoming really oily afterwards. I massaged the oil into the end of my hair and left it in for around twenty minutes in a towel. I found it very easy to wash out and felt that my hair was easier to wash and brush after. Whenever I have usually finished in the shower and I've dried my hair, it always looks really big and frizzy, but after using the oil I found that my hair looked less frizzy and it seemed a lot softer once I had dried it. I did however have to rewash a section of my hair, this was due to it still having oil in it. I thought I had washed it all out, but you have to make sure you give your hair a really good wash after you've rinsed the oil out of it! Other than that I've surprised myself and ended up really liking this hair oil, it's made my hair feel and look a lot softer than usual and I'll be sure to use it again!

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

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