Sunday, 20 March 2016

Lovea Sensitive Skin Pink Clay Face Mask - Review*

The Lovea range of certified organic skin, hair & body care is packed with nourishing natural ingredients. Clay has been used for centuries to purify the skin and remove toxins. Under a microscope clay looks like a giant porous sponge, it attracts toxins and then binds them deep inside the clay ready to be rinsed off your skin.

The first product I decided I would like to review from MyPure this month, was this Pink Clay Face Mask for sensitive skin from Lovea. I find the product itself to have a sweet subtle smell which is quite pleasant. I like that the mask is easy to apply, to do this simply apply a thin layer to face/neck (avoiding the eye area) and then rinse off with warm water. Do this around five minutes later or before the mask dries on your skin, (whichever comes first). After a face mask, I always like to moisturise my face with my usual cream to lock in any moisture that I may have lost. During the face mask, my face did feel a little tight and I had left it on for just under 5 minutes before it started to dry. When I washed the mask away I was left with a slightly red face, but not as much as I have experienced with others before, so next time I may leave it on for a little less time to maybe prevent this.

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own

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