Monday, 3 August 2015

Native Unearthed Natural Crystal Deodorant - Review*

'Choose Native, Choose confidence.'

Native Unearthed’s natural deodorants are made from naturally occurring crystal minerals sourced directly from the earth. To prevent odour, the crystal deodorant harnesses the natural antimicrobial power of Native Unearthed's exclusive crystal minerals to simply and effectively preventing the build of bacteria causing odour. Better still, whilst preventing odour, their natural deodorants don't clog pores like the normal deodorants. Instead, their deodorants still allow your body to continue its normal course of eliminating toxins from the body whilst providing round the clock protection. To use your crystal deodorant stick, simply moisten the tip and apply, or apply to wet underarms.

I kindly received this deodorant to review from Native Unearthed which was organised by The Vegan Lifestyle Association. When I first became vegan I remember trying quite a few crystal deodorants and not having much luck with them. So when I first tried out this deodorant I was pleasantly surprised! Although this product has no scent, it still stops your armpits from smelling. I found myself to be dry throughout the day and I genuinely felt protected throughout the day. The only thing I find tricky with this deodorant is that you have to apply it wet, so for me it's not that easy to use if you're in a rush. Overall I think this deodorant is the best crystal one I've tried so far!

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

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