Sunday, 10 May 2015

Cottons Applicator Regular Tampons & Regular Flow Ultra Thin Pads With Wings - Revie

Be Natural.

Cottons Applicator Regular Tampons

Cottons tampons give you protection you can count on. They are just as effective as other brands, but unlike most other brands (which are mostly made from synthetic materials like rayon, polypropylene and polyethylene), Cottons are only made from 100% natural cotton. Cottons tampons are also hypo-allergenic and biodegradable. This sized tampon is suitable for a medium flow of approximately 6-9g of absorbency.

When I got my tampons out of their box I realised that they looked exactly the same as another brand I had come across! The only difference between the other brand and Cottons is that Cottons tampons are made with organic cotton and the other branded tampons are not. I found these tampons comfortable to use and I didn't have any problems with them regarding leaks or product quality.

 Regular Flow Ultra Thin Pads With Wings

Cottons Ultra Thin Pads are highly effective and discreet, but unlike other pad brands Cottons also have a unique 100% cotton coversheet, which makes them very comfortable and hypo-allergenic. These sized pads are suitable for a medium flow and are made from 100% fragrance free natural first grade cotton.

These pads are one of the brands that I've enjoyed using. I find the shape of them to be comfortable and they fit really well. I've read that some people found the glue on these pads was causing the pads to not stick very well, but I found that they lasted well for over two hours! My only problem was that the pad seemed to bunch up in the middle after some time and I think this is due to them being a little wider than other branded pads. They also seem to be made in China (unlike the tampons) which I didn't know when purchasing and I'm not really sure what that means!?
Overall I will definitely be repurchasing the tampons again, but I'm not 100% sure if the pads are actually cruelty free.

Tampons are £2.75 for 16 and Pads are £2.15 for 14 both from


  1. I've tried the Cottons pads but I'm with the people who think the glue wasn't all that :(

    Morag x

  2. Hey! Try our menstrual cups - they are AWESOME! ex.) Lunette Cup

    Also, if you do reviews - they will send you one for free I think!

  3. Hi, I already use the Mooncup! Thank you though :-)