Sunday, 19 April 2015

Skin Blossom Body Wash, Body Lotion, Hand Cream & Face Moisturiser - Review

Let your skin blossom!

Skin Blossom is an award-winning UK skincare company, with a mission to make affordable, gorgeous organic skin care and effective organic hair care. All of their organic skin care and hair care is certified by the Soil Association, as well as being Vegan Society registered. The organic beauty range has all you need for a face, body and hair regime. Their products are packed with organic ingredients and are 98.85% natural & free from harsh ingredients such as SLS, SLES, ALS, Phylates, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, DMDM, PEGS, Silicones, synthetic colour & fragrance, Petrochemicals, Urea, DEA, MEA, TEA, GLYCOLS and GM ingredients.

My favourite products from my collection are the Rose Geranium, Restore & Protect Hand Cream and the Orange and Argan Hydrate & Nurture Body Moisturiser. I find that the hand cream is easily-absorbed and is great for very dry hands as it leaves my hands feeling really soft and non-greasy afterwards. The body moisturiser has a subtle orange smell, which is quite pleasant. I find that it skins in quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or sticky afterwards. The only problem that I have with the body moisturiser is that when applying it, it feels quite strange and the only way I can describe this is a waterproof feeling that disappears after it's applied.

My least favourite products from my collection are the Antioxidant, Light & Nourishing Face Moisturiser and the Aloe Soothe & Hydrate Body Wash. I personally feel that the face moisturiser left my skin feeling very sticky and greasy, and this feeling didn't seem to disappear during the day. I ended up giving this product to Mum to try out but she felt the same way about it too. I personally think that the body wash has a strange orange scent, it isn't overpowering but it's unusual. The product lathers up well but not enough to cover my whole body so I needed to use quite a lot of the product. 

Buy the whole Skin Blossom range here from

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Preserve Recycled Plastic Eco-Friendly Toothbrush - Review

I used to be a yoghurt cup but now I'm a toothbrush!

Preserve are consulted closely with dental professionals to create a BPA free toothbrush that gets your teeth cleaner but minimizes your impact on the environment. While the bristles are brand new just for you, the handle is made from recycled yoghurt cups. The design also includes an easy-to-grip curved handle for those hard-to-reach places, tiered bristles for a gentle, thorough clean and a three-level bristle arrangement to massage your gums. The reusable, clear Travel Case that your toothbrush comes in features ventilation holes and a cap to keep your toothbrush clean and dry wherever you take it or store it. Preserve do not test on animals and are recognized by Leaping Bunny as a cruelty-free company. All of the materials in Preserve products are vegan and are also completely recyclable after use!

I've been using my pink Preserve toothbrush for quite a few months now and I still enjoy using it as much as the first time I did. The handle of the toothbrush is nicely shaped and really comfortable to hold. I have both the soft and the medium bristles as I wasn't sure which one to get as first. I prefer the medium to the soft as the soft for me, feels as if I'm not getting a thorough clean. The medium bristles aren't too hard or too soft on my teeth and I like the in-between stages. I get sensitive teeth sometimes though and I do find that the brush with the softer bristles is gentler to use when this happens. I have found that toothpaste can get stuck in between the bristles after a lot of use and I've tried cleaning them with boiling water but it still didn't seem to budge the old toothpaste. I really love that you can post off your old toothbrushes to get them recycled and the travel case is very handing when travelling! This brush has been a great find and I love the variety of colours that are available too, I will continue to use and purchase these toothbrushes.

£2.99 for both the Medium* and Soft* Preserve toothbrushes.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Zoya Professional Lacquer in Stacy - Review

Stacy's got it going on!

Free from harmful chemicals and toxins, Zoya products are truly the way forward. Their products are formulated without any of the top five synthetic nasties which are, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, DBP (Phthalates) and Camphor. There are over 500 irresistible colours to choose from, ranging from classic to ultra-cool, plus seasonal collections to look forward to. Zoya colours also come in a range of brilliant finishes from lustrous crème through matte to glitter, from Satin to Pixie Dust. Zoya is the leading name in natural nail products and all of their products are vegan friendly, cruelty free and safe to use during pregnancy.

'Stacy by Zoya can be best described as a deep wine creme with purple and raspberry undertones. A dark-but-not-black, vintage vampy shade.'

I kindly received this lovely nail colour for Christmas after eagerly writing it down on my Christmas list! My favourite colours to wear on my nails are pinks, reds, oranges and anything in between those colours. Over the years I've experimented with different colours such as blues and greens but I've always felt that those colours have never really suited me. Since becoming vegan I understood that I needed to update my nail colour collection to a much more vegan friendly collection. I already had a lot of Barry M nail colours, so I kept those and ended up giving the rest away! So far 'Stacy' is the only colour that I have from Zoya's huge collection, but I definitely have my eye on a few more colours that I'd like to try.

I love the brush that this bottle provides, it's quite thin and very flat, but it's the best one I've come across so far. The brush covers my nails in just a few strokes and for me this colour doesn't even need a second coat! I'd describe the colour as a very deep raspberry shade which I find very flattering. The formula is very quick drying and I can wear the colour on my toe nails for a week without it getting chipped and I'd say at least five days maximum on my finger nails.

Overall I will definitely be buying a few (a lot) more of Zoya's colours in the near future due to loving the great quality of their range.  

Monday, 6 April 2015

Evolve Organic Beauty 'Heavenly Smooth' & 'Skin Cocoon' Body Cream - Review*

Moisturise your skin!

I was getting low on body moisturiser, so I decided to choose these two Evolve Organic Beauty body creams from to review this month! Evolve Organic Beauty is all about fair trade, recycled biodegradable bottles, low carbon footprints and fabulous skin friendly hair and body care. All of their products are made in the UK and are packed full of highly effective superfoods to make a real difference to your skin and hair. None of their products contain parabens, SLS/SLES, PEGs, DEA, mineral oil, silicone, propylene glycol, GMO or synthetic fragrances. All of their products are certified by The Vegan Society, Ecocert and are also cruelty free!

Heavenly Smooth Body Cream For Smoother Brighter Skin

A two in one daily body treatment to miraculously smooth and bring skin back to life. The AHAs and Vitamin C from Brazilian Acerola effortlessly exfoliate and boost skin radiance whilst antioxidant Argan Oil deeply moisturises and protects the skin. This extraordinary certified organic body cream leaves skin enviably soft, smooth and younger looking.

I really like smelling my body creams before trying them and this one has a quite strong almondy smell when in it's bottle and I wasn't sure if I liked it. Once the cream sinks in it gives off a sweet nutty smell which isn't as strong as what it smells like in it's bottle. I prefer the smell of this cream once it's soaked in as the smell is very subtle unlike the other cream. The cream seems to leave my skin feeling very soft, smooth, non-sticky and non-greasy which I really like. I feel like the cream goes quite far but I do need quite a few pumps from the bottle to cover my whole body.

Skin Cocoon Body Cream For Dry / Sensitive Skin

Cocoon your skin in this ultra-rich moisturising body lotion. Once used by the Peruvian Incas, Sacha Inchi oil is the richest known source of Omega 3,6 and 9 as well as antioxidant Vitamin A and E. This ancient remedy restores depleted moisture levels and promotes skin regeneration and elasticity. Natural Peptides soothe and increase moisture levels. This remarkable cream transforms dry and dehydrated skin and is suitable for sensitive skin.

I can't really describe the smell of this body cream when it's in the bottle, but it does smell very sweet after it's sunk into my skin, because of this I prefer the other cream as I'm quite fussy when it comes to smells! Unlike the other moisturiser this one leaves my skin feeling quite sticky and greasy, but it does leave my skin feeling very soft once it's fully sunk in. The cream seems to go quite far as well but it does seems to take a while to rub in!

 Overall I don't think I'll be repurchasing either of these body creams again due to personal preferences.

 Heavenly Smooth & Skin Cocoon Both £14.99 for 200ml from My Pure

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Greenfrog Botanic Geranium & Peppermint Body Wash & Neroli & Lime Hand Wash - Review*

Wash away!

Green Frog Botanic were kindly looking for bloggers to review their products and after looking at the products on their website (, I asked whether it would be possible to review them. They kindly agreed and these were what they sent me, the Geranium & Peppermint Body Wash and the Neroli & Lime Hand Wash!

In Greenfrog products you will only find plant based derivatives. And what you won't find are petrochemical derivatives, sulphates, parabens, palm oil or any harmful chemicals. This is because Greenfrog care about the goodness of the products that they produce and also want to ensure that there's a minimum impact on the Planet when creating their products! The range is made from certified organic soapberries (Sapindus Mukorrossi) harvested by farmers in the Himalayas, shipped from India by boat to Europe, from which they extract the natural soap (Saponin). They then simply mix it with certified organic aloe vera, a few plant derived foaming agents, surfactants and essential oils of the best quality. Their products are 98% natural and the ingredients are all very quickly biodegradable. Their products are also registered by the Vegetarian and The Vegan Society, are cruelty free and are also in the process of getting the Leaping Bunny Logo as well as the Ethical Buyer Certification for their products.

Greenfrog Botanic Geranium and Peppermint Body Wash 

This body wash is made from soapberries, these magical berries are used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat sensitive and dry skin and leave your body superbly clean and really soft. The high quality antioxidant moisturising aloe vera is combined with calming geranium oil and cooling peppermint oil, all of which are renowned for skin conditioning. Geranium oil calms the nervous system and creates a deep sense of relaxation. It also cuts through stress and tension and promotes clarity. And pure peppermint oil has strong cooling and refreshing properties. And also stimulates the tired mind, enabling it to focus and concentrate, making it stronger.

I found this body wash to have quite a manly scent due to the peppermint, but it's not over powering like you think it might be and it doesn't linger on your skin afterwards. I ended up offering it to my Boyfriend instead of continuing to use it myself because of the scent. I found that the body wash lathered up well and it left my skin feeling clean and soft afterwards.

Greenfrog Botanic Neroli and Lime Hand Wash

This hand wash is also made from organic soapberries. The high quality antioxidant moisturising aloe vera is combined with zesty rejuvenating neroli oil and purifying antibacterial lime. Neroli is know for it's delicious fragrance and its mood lifting effect. Perfect for a shower, good against fatigue and helping with positive emotion. And Lime oil is an antioxidant which protects the skin and is antimicrobial, antifungal, anti allergenic and anti-inflammatory.

This was my favourite product out of the both. I really like the fresh citrus smell it gives off and because of this it leaves your hands feeling and smelling very clean. It lathers up well and doesn't dry out your hands afterwards.

Overall I'll be keeping the fresh smelling hand wash in mind when I need to repurchase hand soap again!

Geranium & Peppermint Body Wash 300ml for £8.40 
Neroli & Lime Hand Wash 300ml for £7.80

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.