Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Oil - Review*

 Super moisturise that body!

The other product that I chose to review this month from MyPure.co.uk, was the interesting Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Oil. Balance Me is an award winning range of natural skin, hair and body care made in the UK. The colourful packaging, stylish designs and excellent quality is good enough to leave you wanting for more!

This powerful, pure, nut-free dry skin oil is for those moments when your skin needs some serious TLC. Balance Me have blended revitalising neroli with rosehip oil which are both fantastic in the process of healing scar tissue. Whilst the jojoba, wheat germ, borage and calendula are bursting with essential fatty acids and vitamins to help keep your skin elastic. Safe to use during pregnancy to help eliminate stretch marks, also on any areas of your body where scarring has occurred.

After reading the description of this vegan and cruelty free body oil I was immediately drawn to it. I've been searching for an alternative to what I'm currently using now, after finding out that the ingredients it was made with were quite harsh. I was worried about this because I've read that what you put on your skin ends up sinking in and going into your bloodstream! So I decided to look for a more natural body oil and this is what I happily came across. The oil itself is designed to help eliminate stretch marks and to help keep your skin elastic and is great to use all over the body. And over time this oil will eliminate stretch marks or any scars that you may have. I really like the smell of this oil, it smells of roses but it's not overpowering and it leaves a very soft smell afterwards when it has been applied to the skin. The only problem with this product is that bottle is quite difficult to use because of its design. The lid is a push down lid which pops up on the other side where the oil then pours out, because of this the oil then drips down the side of the lid afterwards causing a mess. A better option would be to have a screw top lid with a small hole in the top of the bottle so the oil doesn't end up going everywhere. Other than that one problem I really like the body oil itself and I will continue to use it because of this. 

Overall I can see myself buying this body oil again as it smells great and does its job well.

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

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  1. I feel like this will leave my skin looking and feeling it's best.<3

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