Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Acorelle Eau de Toilette in Vanilla Gardenia - Review*

Smell vanillaful!

Acorelle is a French range of certified organic fragrance, skin care, body care and baby care. All of the Acorelle Eau De Toilette range are 88% natural and are formulated by perfumers in Grasse, the birthplace of perfume. All of their scents are guaranteed to be free of phthalates, nitromusks and colouring. The Eau de Toilette in Vanilla Gardenia is described as a sun filled fragrance with sensual top notes of orange blossom, bergamot and coconut, intensified by a bewitching base note of musk and vanilla. Sounds perfect!

The second product I chose to review this month kindly sent to me from MyPure.co.uk, was this Vanilla Gardenia scented Eau de Toilette by Acorelle. Since going cruelty free and vegan with my cosmetics I've been eager to try and find to a good smelling perfume. I've tried a few testers of various brands and scents, but I haven't found anything that's made me want to buy a bigger version! I came across this Eau de Toilette, which is a dilute form of perfume, from Acorelle when I was looking through the My Pure website. I've been using a few of Acorelle's products for a while now and I trust that the brand is vegan and cruelty free. I'm quite a fan of vanilla scented products so I was immediately drawn to the vanilla scented EDT. I originally wanted to go for the Vanilla Blossom scent but that was only available in an Eau de Parfum, which is greater than an Eau de Toilette, so I thought it might be a bit too strong for me, so I opted for the Vanilla Gardenia in an Eau de Toilette. When I tested the EDT the first thing that came into my head was my Nan, it smelt so much like her or something that she would wear daily, that I instantly loved the smell of it. So after the EDT remind me of my Nan, I found that this scent really didn't suit my early twenties self and thought it would more aptly suit someone who's in their seventies or over. I really do love the smell of this but I think it's mainly because it reminds me of my lovely Nan so much. As I won't be using this product myself I'm happily gifting this product to, yes, my Nan and I'm sure she's going to love it! This scent might not be for a younger person like me, but I think it would make a great gift for grandparents and alike, so keep this product in mind when you're not sure about what to buy your Nan or Grandma! As you can tell for personal reasons I won't be repurchasing this scented fragrance again. I am looking forward to trying a few other scents that Acorelle have to offer though!

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

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