Thursday, 18 December 2014

Dr Organic Tea Tree Antispetic Cream - Review

'Zap those spots away!'

This natural vegan and cruelty-free soothing cream contains antibacterial Organic Tea Tree Oil, combined with Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil and Cocoa Butter to provide an effective and cooling cream. The unique properties of Tea Tree ensure that this cream can be applied to large areas of skin, making it ideal for cleansing minor irritations and problem skin. With its gentle cooling action, the Dr.Organic Tea Tree Cream is safe to use on insect bites, irritated and sun damaged skin.

I've been using this antiseptic cream by Dr Organic for my spots for a few months now. When it gets to that chilly time of the year my skin tends to get very dry (but still prone to spots), so I prefer to use a cream based spot treatment at this time of year. Besides the dry skin, I tend to have quite oily skin too, so I only need to use a small amount of this cream as it can become quite thick and oily based due to the Cocoa Butter. When used day and night the cream really seems to calm and soothe both my spots and dry skin which is great. And for the price of this tube you're really getting your money's worth as a little does go a long way! I'll definitely be repurchasing this cream again when that chilly time comes around again next year.

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