Thursday, 15 January 2015

Alva Rhassoul Pimple Stick - Review*

Banish those blemishes!

The second product that I chose to try out for reviewing purposes from this month was the Alva Rhassoul Pimple Stick. This vegan and cruelty free Rhassoul Pimple Stick by Alva combats bacteria that cause spots and blemishes, and helps to dry the spots out without dehydrating the surrounding skin tissue. Compact, easy to apply and ideal for travelling. The Rhassoul Pimple Stick is also suitable for treating insect bites and stings as the tea tree oil and manuka oil help prevent itching and promote wound healing.

I've been trying out this roll-on pimple stick for a while now and it seems to do the job that it's described to do so, (does what it says on the tin!). As the product contains tea tree oil the smell of this product is quite strong, due to this I've only been using small amounts of the oil at a time and have only being using it at night time before bed. I've noticed that the smaller amount of product that is used the less strong the smell has been. As described for what it should do my spots have correctly been dried out without drying the surrounding skin and have also been going down a lot quicker than usual when using the stick. This product is also a great product to take away with you on holiday or to put into your handbag for everyday use as it's such a small convenient travel sized bottle!

Overall I might repurchase this product again when I've run out of it due to it's fast calming spot work.

£8.20 for 5ml from MyPure

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

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