Sunday, 21 September 2014

Radius Source Toothbrush Medium Sized - Review*

Brush your teeth the big way!'

So here's my second item that MyPure kindly sent to me for my monthly review! The Source toothbrush has long-lasting bio handles which are made from bioplastic which can be either made from recycled dollar bills, recycled paper or recycled wood. It also has a replaceable head and further replacement heads can be purchased in a 2-pack for £5.99 from here. It reduces 93% of waste from standard toothbrushes and lowers the cost of brushing. It also has a right or left-hand configuration (just flip the head), which ensures the dentist recommendation of the 45-degree angle of bristle to teeth. The radial bristling also allows you to brush in tight spaces and also dramatically increases softness and efficacy of brushing with 65% more bristle tufts than ordinary toothbrushes and has a non-aligned bristle layout to avoid tooth erosion.

I decided I needed a new toothbrush after going back to my old toothbrush after trying out the Environmental Toothbrush and not liking it. I wanted a vegan toothbrush, something more eco-friendly and interesting, so I went for the medium bristled Radius Source toothbrush which was all of the above. I really like how you can choose your toothbrush handle out of the three available recycled materials, dollar bills, paper and wood. I went for the recycled paper for a clean white finish look. All brushes also come with a spare replacement head and these are available on the MyPure website linked above. The really cool thing about this toothbrush is that both right and left-hand users can use this brush comfortably just by turning the head around the opposite way! It may take you a few brushes to get used to the larger than normal toothbrush head. I think that the larger head size is great and I feel like I'm getting a really good clean throughout my mouth including the tight spaces.

Edit (December 2014): I've used my Radius Source Toothbrush for a few months now since writing the above but I stopped using it about a month ago now due to my teeth and gums becoming very sensitive from the large head on the brush. I have now switched brushes and my teeth and gums feel much better. This is something to keep in mind if you already have sensitive teeth and gums. 

Toothbrush and Replacement Head for £9.99 from MyPure

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Alva's Organic Deep Black Mascara - Review*

Boost Those Lashes!

This is my first product of two that was sent to me this month from the lovely people at MyPure. I decided to go for a mascara this time as I haven't found a good cruelty free vegan one so far, but that was until now! I ended up choosing the Alva 'Organic Deep Black' Mascara as I had seen quite a lot of good reviews on it and I wanted to try it out for myself.  

The Alva Organic Deep Black Mascara states that it boosts lash volume for exceptionally radiant eyes and is run-proof thanks to gum Arabic (acacia). It also provides more volume for lashes and brings exceptional radiance to the eyes. Alva also say that it's vibrant and is nourished by patented beta glucan, wild rose oil, natural vitamin E and candelilla wax.

Now bearing in mind that I haven't worn any make-up for the past four months due to not feeling the need to, as soon as I received my products I really wanted to try out my new mascara. So I curled my lashes with my eyelash curler and got to work with the new mascara. This is the only mascara I have ever smelt and thought 'yum!' after smelling it, I would describe the smell as a strong but non-lingering sweet marzipan and almond scent. I found the brush to be just the right size for me and it was comfortable to hold and easy to use which is always a good thing for a mascara. I also found that you don't need many coats of this mascara to give your eyelashes definition and extra length. Like previous mascaras I've used in the past this one doesn't seem to clump my eyelashes together and it doesn't go dry and flakey, like other vegan and cruelty free mascaras I have read about do. And when It came to taking the mascara off I found it so easy when removing it as it all came off in a just few wipes when just using water on a cotton pad!

So as you can see I found this mascara so good that I don't think I'll be searching around for another one!

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Natracare's Organic Cotton Baby Wipes - Review*

You don't need to be a baby to use their baby wipes!

Natracare award-winning organic cotton baby wipes are soft, gentle and effective cleansing wipes for daily use on baby’s sensitive skin. Natracare’s soft and strong, certified organic, 100% cotton baby wipes are infused with the certified organic essential oils of apricot, linden and chamomile as well as natural plant extracts all of which will cleanse and refresh, leaving the skin softened. The gentle formula is free from detergents such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) or any of its close relatives, parabens, SHG and other types of formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. Because Natracare does not use any animal ingredients nor test on animals, our wipes are suitable for vegans. They are dermatologically tested on human volunteers only. The individual wipes and the solution ingredients are derived from natural, renewable and sustainable resources and are biodegradable and compostable.

The lovely people from Natracare were kind enough to send me a few products a while ago for me to try out. As a regular user of the Johnson's Baby Gentle Cleansing wet wipes, I wanted to find something to replace them with something that was vegan, cruelty-free and much more eco-friendly! 

I first came across the Natracare wet wipes on their website and instantly wanted to swap over to them instead of my current wet wipes that I was using. I was contacted by Natracare after posting my first post about a few Natracare products I had bought here. And after being suggested with some products that I might like due to my previous post, I was asked what else I wanted to try out, so I went for the wet wipes! 

The wipes have a lovely strong smell of apricot which is unlike any other wet wipes I have smelt before. They're also a lot thicker than I thought they would be, which is great as they hold a lot of moisture. The wipes are really soft to touch but they did leave my hands feeling a bit sticky after using them and the scent seemed to stay on my hands for a while afterwards. Overall I quite liked these wet wipes and I'll keep them in mind when I run out of wipes! 

Pack of 50 for £3.59 from Ethical Superstore

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Dr.Organic Pomegranate Shampoo & Conditioner - Review

Get protected from everyday environmental damages! 

Here we have a shampoo and a conditioner from Dr. Organic's wide range of vegan and cruelty-free products. The shampoo is described as a revitalizing and volumising shampoo to strengthen and restore your hair’s flexibility, which also offers protection against environmental damages. And the conditioner is described as a nourishing conditioner suitable for all hair types formulated to help rebuild the hair’s strength and elasticity; it protects against the damaging effects of environmental stresses; it de-tangles and strengthens, leaving hair soft, shiny and manageable creating a revitalised appearance without weighing it down.

I've been using both of these products together for about a week and a half now and I can honestly say they're worth the money and I can definitely see an improvement in my hair! First off, the smell which is divine stays on your hair for the rest of day which always a nice thing to get from shampoo. I've found that you don't need a lot of this product for it to froth up, so the bottles should last me a while, which is also great if you're not sure on the prices. I've also found out that when using the shampoo and conditioner together my hair looks and feels cleaner for longer, is a lot less tangled after washing and is also a lot easier to maintain when I'm styling my hair. I really like this shampoo and conditioner from the Dr. Organic range. I'd happily buy them both again for a special hair treat every now and then!