Tuesday, 5 August 2014

My Vegan LUSH Wishlist - Untried Products.

I've been into LUSH for a while now, probably since I was in my early teens! And over the years I've built up a selection of products that I love, rely on, and buy when I've run out of them. If I'm ever near a LUSH store when out I can't walk past without having a quick look! The atmosphere is great in most LUSH stores I've been to and there's always something new to check out. I never usually come out of a store with anything I haven't tried before though (other than bath bombs), so I thought I'd put together a current wishlist of the vegan LUSH products I am yet to try out but would like to get my hands on...

                  3.    4.

1. Aromaco Solid Deodorant - £4.75 for 100g.
2. Rehab Shampoo - £5.40 for 100g.
3. Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub - £2.95 for 100g
4. Grease Lightening Spot Treatment - £6.25 for 45g. 

Photos taken from www.lush.co.uk

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