Friday, 22 August 2014

LUSH Cosmetics Aromaco Solid Deodorant & Square Tin - Review

Not long ago I posted a wish list of a few LUSH products that I wanted to try which I hadn't before. After I had put together my list I decided to spend a little on the LUSH website. I ended up buying half of the products that were on my list and asked for a few samples of the other ones on there. The product I wanted to share with you the most is the Aromaco Solid Deodorant! 

LUSH describe their solid deodorant as a solid, gentle deodorant that absorbs odour and leaves you smelling as fresh as a daisy. Its essential oils and anti-bacterial ingredients work in harmony to keep you feeling fresh and dry. Aromaco contains witch hazel and chamomile vinegar to tighten pores rather than block them, helping you to keep cool and fresh. I fell in love when I read that it had an ingredient in it that tightens the pores rather than blocking them, as I've been looking for a vegan deodorant that will minimize perspiration for a while now.

I have to say this is the best deodorant I've ever come across since I've been searching for a vegan and cruelty-free deodorant. I can finally say that I've finally found my perfect vegan deodorant, hallelujah! I decided to also buy a square LUSH tin to store my solid deodorant in as I didn't want to have it out on the side all of the time. The tin isn't the best product that LUSH produce as it feels a little bit cheap, but it does its job at keeping the deodorant safe very well.   

The solid deodorant comes in a block of 100g which looks like it will last me quite a long time. I ended up cutting the deodorant up so I could keep some in the tin to use every day and the rest I could put away for future use. All you have to do with this deodorant is rub a nice layer over your armpit and you're ready for the day! It does have an odd smell to it but you do get used to it and you can hardly smell it on you during the day. The deodorant seems to leave my underarms feeling really soft and the product doesn't dry out like other deodorants do. I really love this deodorant for travelling as well as you can take as little as you like and it weighs hardly anything! I've been using one of the black LUSH sample pots to store it in when I go away which is just the perfect size. Overall I will most definitely be buying this solid deodorant again and I don't think I'll ever look at another deodorant again! 


  1. I have such a love-hate relationship with Lush! I want to love their products but nothing seems to do the job right on my face. I've been getting stubborn little whiteheads on the bottom of my cheeks. ;( I too have been meaning to write some reviews on my blog from Lush & other things I use.
    However, I have been interested in buying deodorant from them because I don't like how most have aluminum and other crazy ingredients! I'll make sure to ask for a sample of this one when I go back. :)
    My name is Adi btw! I found your blog through twitter & thought how neat of you to write reviews on vegan beauty products, so I just had to follow.<3

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment :-) You should definitely try out the deodorant, I've been using It ever since and I still love it! And thank you, I'll check your blog out too :-)