Monday, 11 August 2014

Hello Mouthwash in Pink Grapefruit Mint - Review

More rinsing, less wincing.

After seeing the Hello products online and realising you could only get the range in America, I had been lusting over them for a while wishing we could get them out here in the UK. And just like magic they appeared in one of my local Boots stores! Hello are a brand who produce naturally friendly products such as mouthwashes, toothpaste, breath sprays and toothbrushes (I've only found the mouthwashes here so far) which are free from alcohol, artificial colours, artificial sweeteners, dyes and harsh chemicals. Their products are all vegan, cruelty free and they wouldn't have it any other way apparently, which is great! 

After looking at the price of the mouthwash I wasn't sure about buying, but when I came across them in store they were half price! So at only £3.99 I ended up buying two of the Pink Grapefruit Mint flavoured mouthwashes. I bought this flavour as I knew I liked it as I had tried a sample (I also tried the Spearmint and the Mojito Mint but they were too strong for me!) from my Boyfriend's Sister, who actually came across them in Boots. 

I like this mouthwash so much I've been trying to limit my usage of the product! The flavour might not be for everyone as it's quite unusual and it's nothing like I've tried before. In my previous mouthwash reviews I've said that I'm very picky with my mouthwashes as I don't like them too strong, but this sweet fruity mouthwash is perfect for me as it's not strong like the usual mint ones and you're not left with a burning sensation in your mouth afterwards.

The only disappointing thing that definitely needs redesigning is the top of the bottle! I quite like the unusual shape of the bottle and the bright colours it offers us, but once you've opened it you have to be careful not to knock it over as the lid just sits and slightly locks in place on top of the mouth shaped opening. Once used the mouthwash also seems to get around inside the lid making it sticky. I wouldn't recommend this mouthwash bottle to children to use, as one knock and £5.99 will be down the sink, literally! Besides my last point about the design of the bottle top being poor, I'm really excited as I've finally found my 'perfect' vegan and cruelty free mouthwash. Hurraw!

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