Friday, 11 July 2014

My Crazy Rumors Lip Balm Collection - Review

Lip balm flavours which sound good enough to eat!

I've only just recently come across these lip balms, the more I checked them out the more I wanted to try them! I've only tried out a few lip balms from Crazy Rumors at the moment. I was drawn in by the fact that they were all vegan and cruelty free. Also because of the cute bright packaging they had and the variety of different flavours they had available. 

The first flavour I purchased was the Raspberry Sherbet, I love the smell of this one! Although I did find it quite sickly when I had it applied to my lips. I ended up donating it to my Boyfriend as he loved it! I then bought the Lemonade and Black Cherry flavours not long after. I wasn't too keen on the lemonade one as I found it quite citrusy, but my Mum seemed to like it so I happily gave it to her! I've saved my favourite flavour so far, until last. It's the Black Cherry flavour, this one has a lovely rich and deep smell of cherries and it really reminds me of Cherry Coke / Dr Pepper, so if you like those, buy it now!

I'm yet to try out the many other wonderful and unusual flavoured lip balms that Crazy Rumors have created so I'll be buying again! 

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