Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Herbal Authority Tea Tree Oil Soap - Review

Forget fancy acne washes and high-end facial scrubs for spots, 
this soap beats them all!

As my acne got worse, I decided it was time to cut down on the facial products I was using day and night. I ended up going for a Dove facial soap and The Body Shop Facial Brush, to use the soap. But after going cruelty-free and vegan with my products, I needed to find a new facial soap to use. I had a look around to see what was out there and I came across this soap on the Holland & Barrett website. After reading the great reviews people had left it on the website, I decided to buy it! 

Just after a few weeks of using the soap, I noticed my face looked fresher and my skin was finally clearing up. Unlike other soaps, this one doesn't seem to dry my face out or make me want to smother my face in cream afterwards! It feels like it dries out the spot and nothing else, which is great when you just want to be rid of acne. I use the soap with hands before I go to bed, working my fingers around my face in circular movements. This will help with your blood circulation and is also a quick and easy way to gently exfoliate your face. I then rinse the soap off, pat my face dry and then apply my Amie Spot Gel before I go to bed. Overall I'll definitely be buying this soap again. And I really recommend you trying out this soap if you suffer from acne or even just pimples. And the best thing about this soap is that it's only £1.49! 


  1. Ooooh this sounds fabulous! I suffer really bad with spots all over my chin and forehead. Ive been using a face wash from Superdrug but it seems to be making things worse :-( So for the price I think i'll try this after reading your great review!

    Charlotte, xo

  2. So glad you're going to try it! It's worked well on my acne, so I really recommend it. Hope it works just as well for you as it has done for me! And thanks for reading :-) x

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