Wednesday, 28 May 2014

LUSH Cosmetics Tea Tree Toner Water - Review

Two hundred and fifty grams of greatness!

LUSH Cosmetics are highly against animal testing and use only ethical ingredients. All of their products are handmade and are 100% vegetarian-friendly, not all are vegan-friendly, so make sure you look out for the Vegan Society Approved stamp!

Keep skin clean and refreshed. Tea tree is antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, so can help keep away the bacteria that can cause spots. Grapefruit is rich in vitamins and is also lightly astringent on the skin, whilst Juniperberry is antiseptic and helps keep skin clean and clear. Use any time of day to keep skin refreshed, or to remove traces of makeup or cleanser.

This wonderfully refreshing Tea Tree Toner Water from LUSH is my favourite facial toner. The toner is perfect for those hot summer days when you need a quick cool down. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which are great for spot prone and oily skin and it's definitely been keeping my oily skin and spots at bay. It's also great for when you're in a rush and just need a quick freshen up without going through your whole facial routine! To use the Toner Water you can either spray it directly onto your face and let it sink in or spray it onto a cotton wool pad, both work just as well. It also removes traces of makeup and cleansers, so this product is great to use after your bedtime facial routine. And the best thing of all is that it smells so lovely and fresh!

Monday, 26 May 2014

My Amie Pure & Natural Skincare Product Collection - Review

Be pure and natural to your skin.

Amie Skincare is against animal testing and most of their products are suitable for vegans. I've liked Amie ever since the range came out, which was not long after they were founded in 2008. My favourite product of them all is the 'Bright Eyes Make-Up Remover '(4). Over the years I've tried a lot of makeup removers, but this one comes first place. Not only does it smell gorgeous but it doesn't sting my eyes! The liquid also goes quite far so you don't need to soak your cotton wool pad. One or two swipes with the cotton wool pad and my eye makeup is gone. I've also decided that it's best to go for quality over a cheaper priced product which may not work as well. So I'm sticking to this makeup remover from now on.

(1) The Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash is a soap-free cleansing wash that removes all dirt, oil and makeup from your face without drying out your skin. This smells lovely and foams up nicely giving you a deep clean feel. This is a great product to include in your night time routine. 

(2) The Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser is a really light facial moisturiser which is oil free, controls shine and helps remove excess sebum. This moisturiser is perfect for me as it sinks in quickly and helps my oily zones and doesn't feel like it clogging up my pores. The smell is a light scent of rosehip and bilberry which is nice. 

(3) The All Clear Instant Action Spot Clearing Gel is a spot gel which claims to reduce spots and blemishes fast. I've been using this lovely smelling gel for a while now and I feel it's worked a bit of magic on my spots. I've tried the gel on old and new spots and they both seem to get the same drying out treatment, reducing the redness and bringing the spot down over night. It says for best results to use morning and night, but I prefer to use it just at night. This is because it forms a coat over the spot which can be noticeable and drys that direct section out and I wouldn't want that visible in public! 

(5) The New Leaf Exfoliator is a light cream the cleans deep down into your pores removing excess oil and dirt. I use this in the shower at least three to four times a week and love the smell of this! I would recommend this face scrub to a more sensitive type of skin though as the exfoliating beads are smaller and softer. I personally prefer a bigger exfoliating bead to get that deep clean around my nose and cheeks.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Hello & Welcome!

Welcome to my first ever blog post on Caring Cosmetics! The aim of my blog is to help myself and you, find the best vegan and cruelty-free products available here in the UK. I am so excited to start exploring new products and reviewing them on here. And please be sure to follow my blog on Bloglovin and Twitter to keep up to date with all of my posts!