Monday, 6 November 2017

Indigenous Beauty's Uplifting, Refreshing & Soothing Natural Deodorant Creams - Review*

'The fewer ingredients you can use on your skin, the better.'

 Running low on my vegan but non-natural deodorant I decided to take a look over at to see what new products I could find. It's taken me a while to find a good vegan-friendly deodorant that I like, so I'm excited to say that I'm in love with these natural deodorants by Indigenous Beauty!

Handmade, natural and organic. Indigenous Beauty was created from a mission to find purer, natural alternatives to mainstream beauty products by using certified organic, skin loving ingredients. After becoming increasingly aware of the synthetic chemicals that are commonly found in leading brands and the harmful effects these can have on our health, Indigenous Beauty began its mission to launch handmade, toxin-free beauty products. Indigenous Beauty's first range consists of Natural Deodorant Creams which have been formulated with just seven ingredients chosen for their beneficial properties including Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter and Organic essential oils. They work effectively on both men and women offering a long-lasting deodorant that is kind to the skin. 

Uplifting Orange & Grapefruit - Made from the highest quality organic ingredients, including Organic Costa Rican Sweet Orange and Organic Grapefruit essential oils. Sweet Orange essential oil aids mental stimulation and combined with the Grapefruit essential oil it creates a joyful scent. 
Scent: Joyful, warm, citrus.

Refreshing Spearmint & Tea Tree - Made from the highest quality organic ingredients, including Organic Spearmint and Organic Australian Tea Tree essential oils. The combination of Spearmint essential oil and Tea Tree essential oil with its anti-fungal properties creates a truly invigorating scent. Scent: Cool, clean, minty.

Soothing Lavender & Vanilla - Made from the highest quality organic ingredients, including Organic French Lavender and Organic Vanilla Extract essential oils. Lavender essential oil is calming on the skin and aids mental relaxation, whilst Vanilla Extract essential oil helps ease stress with its sweet, luxurious aroma. 
Scent: Floral, sweet, relaxing.

You already know my love for these natural deodorant creams by Indigenous Beauty, but there's more... I find the simple black and white with a hint of colour on the labels of the recyclable glass jars to be stylish and pleasing to the eye. The Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is very moisturising for the skin. Whereas the Unrefined Organic Shea Butter and natural Vitamin E help soothe the skin. The deodorant itself is easy to apply and rubs in like a dream leaving my armpits feeling really soft! The Bicarbonate of Soda and Organic Arrowroot in the creams work well together combating odour and helping keep wetness at bay. And I'm super excited to say that the deodorants actually work and keep me odour free and sweat kept at bay throughout my working day. I've had no need to re-apply throughout the day, but I have found that the creams need to be applied to freshly washed underarms otherwise they do start to smell, so this is something to keep in mind. All deodorants are free from toxins including aluminium, parabens, artificial preservatives, synthetic fragrances and alcohol. As you might have been able to tell from my third photograph my favourite scent out of the three is the Refreshing Spearmint & Tea Tree, it really is very refreshing. But yeah, these are the best natural and vegan deodorants that I've tried so far and they're made in my hometown, what's not to love! I'm so happy that I've come across Indigenous Beauty and I'm looking forward to trying more products from them.

These products were sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Isla Apothecary Blood Orange + Vanilla Moisturising Sugar Scrub & Lemongrass + Rosemary Renew Foot Scrub - Review*

Hand-crafted in London, Isla Apothecary design, formulate, and hand-blend all their products in small batches for optimum freshness in true apothecary fashion. Only the finest raw and natural, organic and wildcrafted, ethically sourced ingredients are used, which remain pure and unadulterated. Formulated without animal-derived ingredients, parabens, phthalates, synthetic materials, preservatives or aroma chemicals, all ingredients and products are free from animal testing, suitable for vegans and only tested on (willing) human participants.

The sweet, tangy scent of Italian Blood Orange oil is enveloped by the rich, comforting aroma of pure Indian Vanilla for a luxurious body scrub that both buffs the skin to eliminate impurities and retain moisture balance. Organic raw cane sugar polishes the surface of the skin, priming it for anti-oxidant packed essential oils to seep in and tone, cleanse, and seal moisture for the especially parched skin. A deeply conditioning combination of Shea butter, Coconut, Peach kernel, and Vitamin E oils melt into the skin cocooning it with a protective barrier against water loss. No residual greasiness, just glowing skin. 

I love the scent of this Blood Orange and Vanilla Moisturising Sugar Scrub that Isla Apothecary kindly sent me to review for them. It has a nice texture when being rubbed into the skin. I was left feeling a little oily which I don't always like but once I was out of the water it soaked in nicely. The scrub itself washes off easily apart from oiliness. I also found the jar quite hard to use whilst in the shower as I'm a little afraid of dropping it. But another thing I adore is the packaging design and even though I'm afraid of dropping it in the shower, it does look great on my bathroom shelving.

A refreshing blend of Lemongrass and Rosemary oils infused with essential fatty acid-rich oils combine to soften hardened skin and reinvigorate neglected feet. Dry and chapped feet benefit greatly from Baobab and Sweet Almond oils, which is very quickly absorbed by the skin to penetrate moisture at a deep level. The analgesic property of Rosemary oil eases sore and tired feet, whilst the anti-fungal quality of Lemongrass protects and delicately deodorises. Ground Pumice and Epsom salt provide effective exfoliation to help clear away dead skin, paving the way for these oils to feed the parched skin, and initiate the rejuvenation of skin cells. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get on with the Lemongrass and Rosemary Renew Foot Scrub, or it didn't get on with me... I found the scrub to be quite dry and hard to use on my feet due to the large salt grains. Which is a shame as the scent has a lovely refreshing smell of Rosemary which I really like. Again love the style of packaging but afraid to drop it. I reckon this would be really good as a foot soak rather than being used in a shower!

These products were sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Rossi Uvema Intense Cleanse Moisturise & Tone Rhassoul Clay Face Mask - Review*

Rossi’s roots lie in one woman’s frustration with the questionable ingredients in high street skincare brands and her concerns that “natural” doesn’t always mean natural. Extensive research into natural oils and ingredients led to her developing her own set of unique skin care products designed to target particular skin characteristics and needs. We only use 100% natural plant-derived ingredients in all of our products. Each ingredient is sourced by us from our trusted suppliers and we ensure that every batch meets our strict quality standards. You will not find any Parabens, Sulphates, Petrochemicals, PEGs, Phthalates, plastic fillers or other synthetic chemicals which could be harmful to your skin in any of our products.

A pre-mixed mask formulated to bring the intense cleansing qualities of fine Moroccan Rhassoul. No essential oils just the subtle fragrance of natural almond and plum kernel oils. The base of this mask is pure Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, a lava clay found in the Atlas mountains of Morocco.

I was searching through looking for a new face mask when I came across this Rossi Uvema Clay Mask. It's described to an Intense Cleanse Moisturise & Tone Mask so I thought I'd give it ago. First things first, I love the smell of the mask, it reminds me of marzipan and smells good enough to eat! Now to use the mask all you need to do is simply cleanse the skin and then apply a generous even layer of the mask. It's stated to be left on for about ten to fifteen minutes before washing off, but I find that ten minutes or less just fine as my skin starts to go a little red and blotchy. I do find this mask a little thinner than other clay masks I've tried before and it doesn't fully dry which I'm not used to, but other than that it's a quick and easy mask to use before showering.

• A superior cleanser and skin conditioner • Suitable for all skin types • Will moisturise and tone skin as it purifies • Withdraws toxins and impurities from the skin • Fortified with minerals • 100% natural, pure and unrefined ingredients •

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Pacifica Nail Polishes in Cinnamon Girl, Crimson Kimono, Totally Coral & Gloss Top & Base Coat - Review*

Pacifica design products to enhance rather than overwhelm; to take you on your own personal journey. Committed to producing the finest quality products, the brand is the expression of a clear philosophy: Don't follow trends, follow your heart and the belief that romance, travel and adventure are all in a day's work! The company is acutely earth-conscious, paying minute attention to formulating the most natural, safe, and sustainable products. 

Pacifica's new 7 Free Nail Polishes are long lasting and void of many chemicals that you would find in traditional nail polish. Amazing vibrant colours that go on smooth and stay put. Plus they've added a custom wide 100% vegan brush for easier application. All 7 FREE Nail Polishes are formulated without parabens, phthalates (dibutyl phthalate), toluene, xylene, camphor, formaldehyde, resin, and animal products.

Ever since Pacifica came out with their new nail polishes I've been wanting to try them. So I'm glad that I've finally got around to reviewing them for Cinnamon Girl and Crimson Kimono are both very very similar. When I received them I thought they were the same shade until I looked at their names! When on you can just about tell the difference between the both of them. I'd describe Cinnamon Girl as a deep red whereas Crimson Kimono is more of a pinky red. I love both colours, but to me, they look nothing like they do online so just be aware of that. I also chose the cute looking shade Totally Coral to review. I find this to be a fun Summery mix between different coral and pinks, I love it. I also went for the simple but essential Gloss Top & Base Coat. It's great, super shiny doesn't chip and helps your nail colour last much longer than usual. All the nail polishes are very easy to apply and I love the custom wide brush which helps with application. 

These products were sent to me to review, all views are my own.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

PHB Ethical Beauty Anti-aging Moisturiser with Monoï Oil and Gardenia - Review*

Handmade in the UK PHB's products are free from quite a lot of things which include, no animal ingredients, Parabens, SLS, DEA, TEA, Alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol), Phenoxyethanol, artificial perfumes/fragrance, Petrochemicals, Methylisothiazolinone, Phthalates, Colourants, Silicone, Mineral oils and Propylene Glycol. PHB's products are also organic, vegan and Halal.

PHB’s Anti-aging moisturiser is based on an ancient Polynesian formula where Gardenia Flowers are handpicked and infused in coconut oil. This exotic active blend nourishes skin with natural antioxidants and vitamins that replenish skin, restore elasticity, improve firmness and regenerate cells for a natural healthy glow. Gardenia flowers have unique properties that encourage collagen synthesis and prevent collagen degradation protecting firmness and elasticity for more supple skin.

With my mid-twenties approaching fast I've recently been looking into finding more and more anti-ageing products. Whilst having a good look through I came across a face cream by PHB Ethical Beauty. I love a lot of their products so I was excited to give this one a go! I thought I'd try and get into the routine of applying the cream to my face at least once a day. I've been managing to do this right before I go to sleep and I find this better than applying both morning and night. The cream is quite thick and I feel it's too heavy for my oily skin to be using it both day and night. I've also only been using the cream on my targeted areas not all over, such as my forehead and lines around my mouth. I find the product easy to rub in, my skin feels very soft after use and I absolutely love the smell.

• Nourishing formula that absorbs instantly • Gentle skin enhancing formula • Rich in essential vitamins, antioxidants and omegas • Handmade with Mono├» de Tahiti oil and Gardenia flowers • Maintains skin elasticity and hydration • Softens and protects • Promotes healthy, radiant skin • Enhances collagen and elastin production for firmer skin •

This product was sent to me to review, all views are my own.